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Holy Saturday

Marilyn went in to the office this morning to get some uninterrupted work done. I begged to go along, but she said no -- so I stayed home. She's right, of course. I probably would have just gotten in the way when she wanted to keep her nose to the grindstone...

I spent the first half of the day and the early afternoon reading religious books.

Today is an interesting day during Holy Week. It's a day of waiting and anticipation. I suppose it should be a day of sorrow, but because we KNOW that Christ will rise on Easter, it's difficult to feel anything except expectation and joy, I think. There's never a Mass on Holy Saturday -- the mass that takes place late in the day is liturgically past sundown, making it a part of Easter day (which is why attending mass on Saturday night will replace attending on Easter Sunday). This also used to be a day of strict fasting, historically speaking. But that's no longer the case -- even though some people will fast on Saturday morning.

Marilyn visited Clown school (which started yesterday and finishes tomorrow). I'll go along for Clown graduation tomorrow and take photos.

Marilyn was headed home and I'd been doing some cleaning. I was trying to figure out if the drains are giving off an odor, or if it was just the sinks needing cleaning. (The house is very old, so we have issues with the pipes. No, I didn't come up with a solution to the question today.) I was suddenly very shaky and felt BAD. I went up and checked my blood and it was 59 -- way too low for me! Marilyn and I were on the phone and she was insisting we cancel our nail appointment set yesterday.

I did call and postpone from 4:00 to 4:30 -- to give me a chance to finish getting ready and to force down some food to see if I could get past the low. I used to take glucose tablets until the feeling would pass, but I refuse to do that anymore! It spikes my blood and will effect my 3-month blood test, so I'd rather suffer through the discomfort. I'm off candy for Lent -- and it's sort of the same thing as the tablets, anyway. So I ate an apple and then made a quick peanut butter sand and ate that. I was shaky and feeling crappy for awhile, but still able to go out.

We got to our 4:30 appointment and the place was packed. Marilyn and I really DO NOT LIKE the new shop, which is far too crowded. The setup is unpleasant enough that we're thinking about looking for a new shop...

We started off with pedicures and then had our manicures (fills). It was a relief to get it done. Whatever you might think, these are painful procedures, frankly. We do it to keep our nails looking good and to make them more functional (cut down to the proper length and strengthened), but we certainly don't go because it's fun or relaxing. Far from it! Which is why we literally have to force ourselves to go.

There was a MAN there getting a pedicure -- and by that I mean he got a COLOR put on his toe nails, including having flower designs, as well. I thought it was pretty cool of him!

We got home by 7:00 and I started dinner. I was making acorn squash, which takes around an hour to bake properly. Once it had been cooking half an hour or so, I started the filling (roast beef hash and hominy -- we also add cottage cheese to that). Dinner was ready by 8:00 and turned out quite nice.

We watched "King of Kings" -- the 1961 movie about Jesus that featured Jeffrey Hunter. In some ways this is a really bad movie. I looked it up, and it got bad reviews when it originally aired. But then later on film critics reversed and it got good reviews. Go figure! Here's the thing: I think Jeffrey Hunter was AMAZING as Christ. You couldn't take your eyes off him when he was on screen. And he had such power in the role. But it didn't seem like good history to me. Barabbas had an enormous role in this film -- and some historians believe he might not have even existed at all! The relationship between Barabbas and Judas is total fiction. But after all, Hollywood in those days loved to invent history -- or heavily bend it. And as Marilyn said, Hollywood was always fascinated by Barabbas.

It's worth seeing just for Jeffrey Hunter as Jesus. But I wouldn't start telling their story as what happened... Hahaha. Hollywood scores again. How that drove me crazy when I was young and thought that what I saw in movies was true...

I've cleaned up the kitchen and put away the food. And I'm really ready for a nap. Marilyn and the cats are fast asleep.

I did try to help Marilyn today with a writing project she needed to get done. The problem was, I wasn't sure what exactly was being required. So I guess I got her a start, but she's still got to switch it around quite a bit. My goal would be to offer her more help this year -- the way I used to before 2007 (when I took over the roles of Webmaster & IT Manager). Now that I'm not doing the website and eNewsletter, I have a lot more free time. And I'd do anything I'm capable of to help her out!!!

Enjoying reading about various traditions that surround this day, by the way. There are MANY and they are quite different depending on the country and the religion...

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