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Good Friday

I spent a good portion of my day reading my hardback book Life of Christ, by Giuseppe Ricciotti. This book originally belonged to my mother, and I inherited it after she died.

I remember that she would try to at least read a portion of this book each year during Lent. I like to do the same, even though it's a large book with very SMALL (sigh) print. No, I have not found it as an eBook, so I can't read it on my Kindle!

I've been reading the Holy Week portion of the book and enjoying it greatly...

I saw sister Sue and Nicole (her granddaughter) briefly today -- Sue very kindly took me to the local Walmart (what a waste of time -- it's so small they don't carry anything!). I wanted the two of them to come over so Sue and I could work with her laptop and her tablet, but Nicole just wanted to go back home (she was out of school today, sick). And Sue didn't want to leave her alone. Yes, as I've mentioned before, Nicole is in high school. But she has never liked being left home alone. No, that wasn't true of Marilyn and me as kids. (We were left home just the two of us over weekends when we were pre-teens -- with a neighbor man popping by a couple of times to 'check up on us.') Different strokes for different kids, clearly. My hope had been for Nicole to lie in my bedroom and spend time with Colin (who is her 'favorite cat'). He was actually upstairs in my bedroom at that point, amazingly enough! But so much for plans. Nicole can't help being sick (and we all like to be home when we don't feel well -- not out somewhere else).

Sue needs to do these things on her own time schedule -- and I need to let HER decide. I've been pushing and pushing -- and I think I need to let it go. She'll know when she's ready. Marilyn and I just feel bad that we got her the tablet over a year ago, and it's still at our house. Again, I need to let it go.

I was pleased that I took time to phone our friend Shari and speak briefly with her today. It had been ages. She doesn't have much to say, but it was nice to hear her voice (which I told her). I promised to phone her on Easter.

Marilyn got home by 8:30 p.m. tonight (she went to work at 7:00 a.m.). Certainly not early, but it beats 10:30 all to hell (when she got home last night).

We have a nail appointment tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. to get fills (manicures) and pedicures both, which we really need. Marilyn had originally wanted to go on Sunday -- but they're closed. It is Easter, after all. (smile)

I did other things today, but nothing that matters much. My back was bothering me, so I didn't do any real cleaning. And my ears have been bothering me, too (probably an off-shoot of my recent bug, whatever it is). The crackling is maddening! I just don't want to end up with Vertigo, which I rarely have anymore.

We had fish for dinner (last Friday in Lent!!!) -- and Marilyn also had fish for lunch.

I'm off to read more in my book (as long as I can stay awake, anyway).

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