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Blogging Size? Uh, Oh...

Sister Sue made it plain to me that I posted way too many photos of the living room yesterday... I guess I should be putting some of this stuff behind LJ Cuts. And that includes these very LONG entries, like the one I did for Thursday... I just get going and want to cover all the main points of a given day -- no matter how detailed (and long) it might be. I don't know if I think about the potential readers and what a pain these big entries might be. LJ Cuts give people a chance to avoid what doesn't interest them.

You know, back when I started my blog, I never expected anyone else to read it -- much less comment! It still surprises me. I journal each day for my own reference, more than anything else. I realize it's usually pretty boring (I don't exactly live an exciting life!), but I've never been out to entertain.

Anyway, I've got a backache tonight. Marilyn thinks it might have been caused by the incident at the store today (well, technically yesterday, as it's nearly 1:00 a.m. now). The cart DID ram into me when the woman fell into it -- plus it was a shocking incident (I was shaking all over -- as was the clerk). So who knows? But my back is killing me. I can't wait to lie down and get some rest (finally). I never did end up napping at all today.

Marilyn didn't get home until 10:30 p.m. tonight. She was caught by a train on the way home TWICE (in two different spots -- the same damn train), which delayed her around 20-25 minutes more. Plus she had to take festival mail over to the post office. That's not a savory place to be late at night, as certain elements of the homeless tend to 'hang out' around there...

I had dinner ready when she got here, so we were eating very close to 10:30. We watched some TV (taped episodes of "Jeopardy" and "Family Affair"), and she fell asleep on the sofa before the latter was over (little wonder).

I just finished up the last of the garbage and recycling for tomorrow morning. There was a man, walking slowly by, while I was outside. My inner alarm was going off like mad, so I was glad to get back into the house again! Marilyn tells me never to ignore the 'little voice' or other instincts that tell me something might be wrong. So I didn't speak to him and I didn't waste an extra second getting back in the house.

By the way, it's COLD out today! Plus the rain, it was quite a nasty day. I'm sorry I had to spend that much time out in the ugly weather.

Time to head to bed. I'm so worn out. Worrying about the situation at work was... painful, I guess. Even when I'm not at the office, what's going on with IT is ultimately my responsibility to manage...

And before this gets any longer, goodnight all!

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