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Busy Day...

I got quite a few things done today. Clearly I cleaned the living room (as I shared in my last entry). But I also did a load of laundry and worked in the office on items from the file cabinets that I'm slowly but surely sorting. I keep finding the most amazing stuff, by the way!

I talked to sister Sue, but didn't see her. (I have some stuff to give her when I do see her.)

But I did go over to see my friend June (and her husband, Jim). I had several things to take her, including some craft items, picture frames and a variety of paper. We chatted a bit before I came home to clean.

The cats were demanding of my attention today -- especially Henry. He really fought me when I gave him his pill today, for whatever reason. Even scratched me. But he didn't mean it.

Marilyn got home around 8:00 tonight. She washed her hair right away before we had dinner. I had washed mine just before she left work.

Packed up a bunch of stuff for the Goodwill. So I have stuff I gave June, stuff to give to Sue, stuff to give away -- plus I had a bunch of recycling and garbage.

I even cleaned a bunch of stuff out of the upstairs fridge (really needed to do that). I need to do the downstairs fridge, too...

Oh! I almost forgot to mention: I spent AGES going through all my bookmarks that I've been keeping for years now. I got rid of a bunch of them and have them down to the ones I really want to keep. Now I'll need to export them so I can put them on the various computers I use. (smile) I like to have my bookmarks on all my computers, both at work and home (both homes, Portland and the beach). I keep a LOT of bookmarks, so this took quite a bit of time!

I'm just getting more organized in so many ways.

That's it for today.

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