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Cleaned the Living Room Today... PHOTO SHARE!

Well, it's been FOREVER since I shared any photos here at LiveJournal (!!!), so I thought it might be about time! Hahaha. Maybe this will encourage me to share more in the future, who knows?

The thing is, I take most of my photos these days on either my iPhone or my iPad -- and it's not that damn easy to get them loaded up where I can easily link them. And I'm still not thrilled with the way LiveJournal's SCRAPBOOK works. (sigh) But what the hell. I miss sharing images here.

I'm going to share some things about each photo, so excuse all the text! (grin) And there are a lot of repeats here, but what the heck. Ignore what doesn't interest you...


You can see the hall that leads to the office and my bedroom (and the bathroom). The photo in the very back is of the St. Johns bridge (it hangs near the front door).

Taking these at night in a brightly lit room means our many windows cast reflections. Sorry about that! We are blessed with a lot of windows!

Our Lady of Knock -- Sister Sue got this in Ireland.

This Madonna was one that used to travel from parish to parish. It was given to Mom as a gift, and from Mom to me (thanks, Mom!!!).

These figures were given to Mom and Dad by a friend who made them to resemble them as a wedding gift. They were always on the mantle in our home. Marilyn and I used to have them there, too -- but our cat came close to breaking them one too many times, so now they're inside a cabinet.

The award was a gift from a Rosarian friend. The rock used to belong to our dear (departed) friend, Mitch. I really love it.

This rock also belonged to Mitch.

Yes, it's a very old-fashioned TV in our living room! The flat screens are in the family room and a smaller one in the office.

Sorry about the glare! These posters have been here almost since we moved in. We painted our brick fireplace white before moving any furniture in.

Mishmash furniture pieces...

Covers on the sofas because they're so old and worn...

Marilyn's pug pillow on our (very old) brown leather chair. (With an equally old TV! Hahaha.)

That stool was a piano stool that belonged to Grandma Elsie, and then Mom. You can see Henry's TENT that he loves so much!

The puzzle was given to us years ago by Mitch. Once we put it together, we never took it apart again, so it's always been there. The table cloth was made by Mom (it's very old, worn and stained, I'm afraid).

Desiree's mother's chair. Hahaha. And that's how we ALWAYS refer to it! We got it in the garage sale when Desiree's mother was being moved from her home years ago. The afghan was a gift from Mom and Dad. The leather ottoman was the mate to my chair that is long gone.

The rug has seen better days. Hahaha. And our hardwood floors have, too!

There's a table way in the back of the room (with the green table cloth). When we have guests we serve food buffet style, as we don't have a dining room in our house.

This bird is made of various metal parts, created by one of our artists from the Art Show we used to have years ago during the festival. Marilyn bought it for me at our annual Auction.

I might do a second non-photo post about my day. Or not! But it felt good to get a start, at least, cleaning up the living room! It really needed it. I felt proud for Marilyn to see it when she got home from work...

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