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Still Sick? Um, Yeah.

The two cats (Colin and Henry) seem under the weather. Just like me. I feel tired, but it's hard to sleep because I'm restless. I did finally sleep in the evening, not waking until Marilyn called me on her way home, around 8:30 p.m. She put in a 13-hour day today (with no break). I don't know how she does it, seriously. It seems worse to me when I don't feel well, because I have a hard time imagining being at the office that long when I'm so tired...

Marilyn literally comes home every night and changes her clothes, sits on the sofa and has something to drink (she's constantly dehydrated these days) -- I'm NOT talking alcohol, to be clear -- then waits on me for dinner. She eats her dinner and maybe watches a little bit of TV, before falling asleep on the sofa. And that's her day -- hours of work, and a tiny bit of time away awake, before falling asleep...

Yeah, yeah. It's only for two more months. I get that. I'm not complaining: I just WORRY about her, that's all. She's supposed to get in for blood work at the doctor, but I don't know how she'd ever find the time right now.

I wish I could help her more. My own job is quieting down quite a bit, really, now that I'm no longer doing the website or the eNewsletter. The IT should level off quite a bit going forward, so I actually should have the most free time I've had in YEARS AND YEARS. I used to act as a second assistant to Marilyn years ago, so I could potentially do that again.

Anyway, I feel better if she had MORE HELP. Even if there's a bunch of stuff others can't do for her, I want her to get more help with her day to day stuff...

Sister Sue was kind enough to take me to get Henry's pills, which he really needs (!!!). The pills are the same thing, but different in look and size -- and they are apparently a non-bitter version. It never even occurred to Marilyn or me that his pills were bitter -- which is one of the reasons he fights taking them. Actually, Henry takes his pills pretty well, considering he has to have them almost every single day of his life. But it was funny when he took the new pill today. It was like he was smacking his lips (yeah, I know he doesn't really have lips), as if he couldn't figure out what was going on with the taste! I hope it is better for him, considering how good he is about being ill all the time.

Both boys have really wanted ATTENTION the past two days. I guess because we were gone over the weekend. Anyway, I got a little upset (yelling!) with Colin, when he knocked down my external harddrive. I just can't have anything go wrong with it. Not really his fault, I suppose, but still... I think I made it up to him later, though...

Henry just got out of his makeshift tent in the chair in the family room to have a bite to eat. He literally needs food down 24/7 with his condition. Even with him eating often, it's all we can do to keep weight on him (another sign of his illness). Yes, Colin ends up too heavy because of the constant food, but what else can we do?

I finished another Hidden Object Game on my iPad today when I was too restless to sleep. It's part of a series Mystery Trackers - Raincliff. I think it was amazing quality (another HD game), but I didn't like it quite as much as the last one we played: The Lake House: Children of Silence (which was an AWESOME game!). Our favorite HOG ever is still Escape Rosecliff Island (which is also HD for iPad) -- which we've played for years, long before we ever got iPads. We used to play a lot of different HOGs on our desktops (in our upstairs office -- I'm currently downstairs in the family room, typing on my laptop, for the record). But many of those aren't available for iPad... (I wish the Mystery P.I. series was! Gosh, we loved that series...)

Marilyn is SOUND ASLEEP, even with the TV on fairly loud. She's exhausted, poor thing!

I almost forgot: My friend June wanted me to say THANK YOU to everyone for the good thoughts and prayers you sent to her hubby, Jim. He's really doing well after his recent surgery, I'm happy to report! She, too, is doing better now after her second eye surgery (she had me pretty worried for a time there).

I really SHOULD go to the office tomorrow. But I don't know if I will or not. This morning I never even heard Marilyn leave the house, much less woke up early enough to get ready to go in with her! Well, I'm not going to worry one way or the other...

As for WORK today for the festival, I did manage to Remote in to Marissa's computer and add software (software that I didn't even have on the Server -- that I had to FTP to the office). It was nifty to be able to finally Remote to PRFA92 -- it's been an issue that we couldn't do that previously. Now we're able to use Google Chrome Remote very successfully, I have to say. I'm more than a little impressed! It sure solves our issues with not being able to Remote with the default Microsoft method.

I never asked Marissa if she needed her second monitor turned back on, now that I think of it! I shut it down when I was working Remotely...

Tired. I think that's it for today.

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