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Time for "Revenge"...

It's time for "Revenge" in just a few minutes.

Marilyn and I got home from the beach house around 6:00 -- and boy, were the cats right at the door waiting for us! But after a bit of bitching us out (smile), they really didn't seem to be all that bothered. You know, we have to leave them home lots with our busy long days for the festival, so I guess this just seemed like that... They still had a lot of food here when we got home, so...

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, like I'm fighting a cold. I've taken medicine three times today. I've been a bit off and cranky, I'm afraid. The timing sucks...

We got all the way home and I discovered I'd left my briefcase (!!!) down at the beach house! Good grief! Kind of a pain when we don't plan to get down there between now and AFTER the festival (sigh). Maybe I can get Sue to drive down there with me sometime. If we take the 'fast' way it doesn't take that long... Marilyn wanted to turn right around and dash back down tonight, but I wouldn't let her. Actually, I could probably do okay without it if I have to -- my essential stuff is here with me. But, how stupid and forgetful can you be? Just a sign I was off today, I guess.

I got the cat boxes cleaned and Marilyn got her cleaning done -- and I took the garbage out. So that was good!

And we took a gift of some glasses and a bottle of champagne over to our neighbor John for him and his wife.

John mentioned that our next door neighbors are supposed to move out in August. Interesting news. They aren't the greatest neighbors, and sometimes we can hear them fighting... So maybe this is good news.

The weather at the beach was FABULOUS! Like summer weather! Lovely.

I hope sister Sue had a great time at her cribbage tournament. Haven't heard from her, so I don't know if she's home, yet, or not.

I hope Marilyn doesn't get my bug. This is an awful time for her to be ill. I'll have to stay at a slight distance, just in case...

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