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Rose Planting and Trip to the Beach House

Marilyn was out early today to meet Rich for media training with the 2014 Court.

While she was gone, I took out the garbage for the week. Then for whatever reason, I decided to buy some new ringtones for my phone. In all the time I've had a cell phone (several different ones, now), I've only bought a few ringtones, total. Anyway, I bought a couple and started searching for more, but didn't like what I found. So I decided to get a ringtone maker App, which I did (it was FREE!). So I used my own music on my phone to make several new ringtones -- very fun!

Marilyn got home, then I quickly got ready (dressed in my uniform) to head downtown to the office for the rose planting. The good thing was that we got to park in our normal spot. Lots of people were there already, by 11:30 (the ceremony was set to start at 12:00 noon). I have to tell you, it's wonderful to be with all these people from the three different organizations. I have every person coming up to me to greet me -- and many I end up hugging (and often kissing, as well). I took my digital camera along -- my goal is to start using it more, again, and not just relying on my cell phone camera. These people LOVE it when I start directing everyone for photos -- something that began Centennial year (2007).

Marilyn did an on-camera interview. Then I helped the cameraman set up to cover the actual event.

The planting went well and the weather was lovely.

Marilyn and I didn't stick around very long. Once everybody was gone and the cleanup was done, we headed home.

We made sure the cats had plenty of food and water. Then we packed up and headed out for our beach house. Our plan? To spend the night there and come back tomorrow.

We got some food on the way. Much of the way we listened to a playlist on the iPod we keep in the car. Along the way we saw a sign for an Estate Sale, so we headed off to find it. We were way out in the boonies and about to give up we saw a sign that said we were almost there, so we kept going. We got some drink glasses with etching and a dragonfly decorative item.

We got to the house and decided to go have chowder. We were going to go to the Crabby Oyster, but it was packed. This is the final weekend of Spring Vacation for Washington, and loads of tourists were in Seaside.

So we went down to the Shilo Inn to eat and have a drink. After we played a little bit of Fascination. Then we got some things from the store and came home. We been watching TV and relaxing. We'll be heading home soon...

It feels odd not to have the boys along with us, but we felt fine leaving the cats home overnight. They've got plenty of food in four places, and water, too. Plus the run of the house, as always. We're often gone for many hours due to work, so they shouldn't be too upset we're not there. But we keep looking for them around the house. (smile)

I'm probably forgetting things, but I'myawning so hard my eyes are watering. Time for bed!

We want to finish cleaning up here tomorrow (including cleaning the cat boxes) -- stuff we didn't get done when last here. We won't be back for another two months after this!


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