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Sunny Day -- BUSY Day

The weather was LOVELY today! Really sunny. Which means it got up to 85° in Marilyn's office at one point! Miserable. I managed to get the damn AC to work, so it did eventually cool down. But there's NO WAY she should have to put up with a temperature like that -- especially as hard as she works!

By my count, she had one bathroom break all day long. No lunch break. She tried to go walk out to get a soda, but that didn't happen, either. She had NON-STOP MEETINGS all day long! I don't know how she can stand it. She's my hero, frankly, for the amount of work she can get done each day...

We started our day with Marilyn washing her hair. She needed to do it, but just couldn't stay awake long enough last night to do it... I normally love to snooze while she's drying her hair (the white noise is awesome), but I was too busy this morning to do that. I had to gather up the presents I had for Merlin and Rich and so on. (Today was Merlin's birthday -- and Monday is Rich's birthday. His falls exactly one week after Marilyn's.) At one point during the day I finally took out the items and wrapped them in tissue paper and put them in their respective bags, so Rich could take them both home today.

After that, we headed to Marilyn's tax appointment. We owe the Feds, but will get enough money back from the State to cover it, plus a little bit more (Marilyn figures it will cover the costs of her birthday weekend). We were talking to Carol late (very late) in the day, and she and Brian owe $4,000 this year (!!!). So we really can't complain, clearly!

When we got done with taxes, we stopped at Starbucks and picked up coffee, then headed to work. I ended up doing some IT (for a change!!!), before going into my training session with Marissa and Danielle. That went quite well, by the way.

Donn came in before that, and he got busy on fixing Marissa's computer (which took him around an hour). When we were both done with those tasks, I showed him how to put Google Remote on Chrome -- so he could set it up for several computers in the office.

Eventually I took Rich to lunch for his birthday (Marilyn just couldn't take time away to go with us).

I also put up a News item at the website at some point... (About the rose planting happening at the office tomorrow.)

Marilyn and Rich have Media Training with the Court first thing tomorrow morning. Then the rose planting takes place at noon.

We were at the office until around 9:00 -- then we had to stop at the store on the way home. I started dinner around 9:30 and we were eating around 10:00.

We watched "The Internship" after that (we've seen it before). And now I'm blogging. I still need to fix my (damn) pills before I can head to bed -- and I'm TIRED, so I'm anxious to get that done soon.

I'm MAD at myself that I forgot to get Rich a bday card while at Freddies. We were just trying to get what we needed and get out of there. It was a long day...

I imagine Marilyn will be snoozing on the sofa by the time I head back downstairs. (smile) She's got to be dead tired, I'm sure.

There are some other things I had planned to blog, but I'm just too tired to care, honestly. So this is it for today.

We're supposed to get some lovely weather this weekend.

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