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Very Busy Day -- eNewsletter and More

Wow, today was BUSY. I started working at 7:30 a.m. and kept going strong most of the day. In fact, I'm not done yet -- as soon as I finish this entry, I need to go and do the garbage and recycling... (sigh)

Started the day working on the eNewsletter for today -- back and forth and back and forth. You'd THINK the new version would make things easier, but it certainly didn't seem that way this morning! And it was the same old, same old. Policy decisions (if we use the full sponsor name of an event, we only do that once -- not both in a headline and in the article...) and so on. We dumped using Sponsor logos because they look AWFUL in the new format -- so now we're only using text links...

Anyway, it went out by 11:30, which is good. We always try to shoot for somewhere just before noon, but frequently it goes later than that.

After that I started working on the THREE tutorials related to doing the eNewsletter. The first one is how to use the new templates. All of these are step-by-step and very detailed. The next is how to create the text-only version from the coded HTML. And the third is how to use Cooler Email with your own HTML designed work. I'm sitting with Marissa and Danielle tomorrow morning to review. (eNewsletter training number three. The first lesson was with Danielle and Caitlin. The second was just with Marissa.)

By the way, I'm VERY PROUD of those tutorials! They took quite a bit of time and effort and should make doing things really simple for those who will be taking over the eNewsletter from me. Originally I was only going to do a 'few notes' on how to use Cooler Email. Then I decided to be kind and really share 'how to' on the whole thing. I hope it works out for the future.

Marilyn and I have our tax appointment in the morning, so I set the training up for 10:00 a.m. (Hopefully we'll be done and there in time. Our appointment is at 9:00.)

Donn is coming in tomorrow to work on Marissa's computer (PRFA92) while we're doing the lesson. That way he can get on the computer and she'll be busy with something else and not be antsy waiting to use it. She appears to have some serious malware that's giving her fits. I'd wanted Donn to tackle it on Sunday, but he was swamped with other work and didn't get to it. I'm glad he's able to be there tomorrow!

I colored my hair today -- but I didn't necessarily do that great a job. I got interrupted as I was starting, then was rushing to finish. I'd been expecting sister Sue, who was going to take me shopping at Walmart -- so I wanted to be totally ready when she came for me. I could have just spent more time on it, as Sue got sick and was never able to take me shopping. I really wish I had! I don't think I left the color on long enough (sigh) -- and I had a hell of a time rinsing it (and sure I did that long enough, either). It looks fine, thankfully. But I've no clue how long it will last...

Marilyn says I should give up trying to do a 'perfect' job with the color -- and focus on doing it more frequently, instead. She suggests I do it every couple of weeks to keep on top of the gray (actually looks pretty white to me!). I think it's probably a good idea. I need to give that a try. But I hate doing it (it really wears me out for some reason). But I guess I could get used to it, and maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal. I do LOVE the way it looks after it's just been done, that's for sure.

Sister Sue got her perm and hair color today. She got sick while there -- so I don't know if she's going to make her cribbage tournament or not. (But I think I know the answer to that one.) I guess we'll see... She leaves tomorrow, if she's able to go.

Talked to my friend June on the phone today. Then went over to see her this evening. It was nice, as I haven't had much chance to see and chat with her. We put paid Malwarebytes on her computer -- I think it's going to be GREAT for her!

Almost forgot: Hector (and Jessie) came by to do the yard today! Boy, did it need it! I made the joke that we were starting to look like a pasture! Hahaha. They also fixed the back gate (never got a chance to go check it, yet). The yard looks much, much better now!

Went through some more stuff in the office here at home today. I got in one of the file cabinets and took out a large accordian folder (one pocket) -- then started going through the contents. Found some very cool stuff!

I was sharing some items with Marilyn, and she suggested I start blogging things.


In 1990, Marilyn first saw her house for sale on Saturday, August 4, while we were headed to the track to fast walk four miles. Went through her house during the open house on Sunday, August 4 -- took Dad through that day. Made a bid (Marie D. present) on Monday, August 6. She bid $31,005 (Dad advised 31,00 -- Mom suggested an odd number) -- earnest money of $1,000 entered with bid. Mom saw the house outside that morn & inside late that afternoon. Got news of winning bid on Tuesday, August 7, around 4:30 p.m. Received papers from HUD in the mail Thursday, August 9.

To be clear, that was for our first house (the house we bought before our current Portland house -- we always call it the Buchanan house). It's hard to believe we've had three houses, to date... These details are printed on half a sheet of yellow lined paper (my handwriting) in red ink. Kind of cool having those notes! I have no clue what made me write that out.

Anyway, I'm going to try to include at least one MEMORY item each day, if possible. There's a LOT of stuff to share!

I feel like I'm forgetting things I did today. Had to clean up after both cats first thing this morning: Colin puked on a bag again (!!!) -- a big fur ball, and Henry managed to drag poop into the family room. Then Henry had a poo-poo incident this evening and I had to clean him up. So began and ended my day! Hahaha. Cats. Gotta love 'em.

Oh! Forgot to mention that friend Jim (June's husband) is doing well after his surgery on Monday. He has several incisions (I saw them, poor guy) -- so continued good thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Discussed IT with Donn several times. Worked on answering my email. Talked to Rich on ideas about dealing with Highlight Events at the website.

I'm pretty sure there's more (boring!), but I need to get busy. I want to get to bed soon (I'm TIRED), so I have to finish up my work... (sigh)

Busy day in front of me tomorrow.

The weather was LOVELY today -- amazing blue skies! Sorry I didn't get out...

I never got Rich's (or Merlin's) birthday gifts ready. Nor do I have cards for either one of them. Sucks. Sucks big time. Oh well, I'll figure something out.
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