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eNewsletter for Tomorrow, Plus Cleaning the Office Closet

I started my day working on the eNewsltter that goes out tomorrow (Thursday). This one is three items, so I'm 'cleaning up' the template for for three items. I need to clean up ALL five templates. But at least I got one done. (grin)

I made a header banner, not realizing that Marissa had already done that. And she did a good job, too! The difficult part of all this? Dealing with the images. It's ANNOYING that you can't just upload directly into a folder, and easily get a link. WordPress obviously has a lot of great aspects, but this isn't one of those...

I did as I was asked and put up four (!!!) sponsor images, with links. Boy, can you say ugly? The new eNewsltter isn't meant to have several logos displayed with any one news item.

During this I got worried about our anti-virus application -- and whether or not it was time to renew (the answer is no, by the way -- we're good until 2015). So I spent a bunch of time on that.

Then, I got off on another tangent: Trying to find the charging cables that came with the iPad 2 keyboards. I don't recall where either one is! Marilyn and I recently gave Marilyn's 'old' keyboard (which is just like new) to Carol. She'd mentioned wanting one, and now that I have both iPad 2s, I can only use one keyboard at a time (and I have my own). But it died on her, and we hadn't given her the cable. I had looked around, but started to focus on the large closet in our office here at home. I cleaned it up amazingly well while hunting for the cable. Better maybe than any other time since we moved in! I don't have before photos, but the inside was really cluttered and disorganized. And there was a bunch of stuff outside the closet on the floor -- and I got tons of it inside. I'm really pleased how things turned out!

My portfolios were stored inside. I went through both and combined every thing into the nice one I got while in college. The other one was cardboard (from high school!), so it's pretty beat up. It was fun seeing all my old art. Even my school stuff, with grades and comments from my teacher, Gertrude Schoeler. This got me hunting for letters, notes and cards from her, as I wanted to find a photo of her. I'm happy to say I found some things (though I know I have more somewhere). Oh! And I found a piece of her calligraphy that she gave me -- gold ink on black. So wonderful.

Never did find either one of the cables. But Marilyn said she knows where her cable is... I wish I could say the same.

Anyway, it was a good and productive day, that's for sure.

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