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Home to Portland from the Beach House.

Today we got up at a reasonable hour and began packing to come back to the Portland house. We also needed to do some cleaning, gathering up of garbage, doing of dishes and so on.

I had another 'flush' from my niacin -- which is not uncommon and really NOT a big deal. It feels crappy when it happens, but it does pass. And knowing that it's not a problem aside from the discomfort really puts my mind at rest. I can stand the discomfort, knowing it's nothing to worry about...

After we had everything packed and had finished up what we had time to do at the beach house, we packed up the cats and headed out. There was a smattering of rain, but really very little to speak of. The traffic coming home was heavy in places, especially in Astoria.

We saw the coolest thing during the drive! A stump had been carved into an animal (a bear?), just by the road as we came past the bridge over to Washington (coming the Astoria way home). Marilyn missed it, so we actually turned around (we NEVER turn around, as a rule!) so we could go past it again and she could see it. And I managed to snap a picture of it with my phone. Not great, but still... I showed it to sister Sue at dinner tonight. She thinks it's a lion. Maybe so...

The cats (Colin and Henry) were good as gold coming home, by the way. That means they were good all the way there and all the way back. How about that?

We did not get home in time for Marilyn to rush to the office for the Communications meeting at 2:00.

As soon as we did get home, Marilyn helped with part of the unpacking, then headed down to get ready to go to work while I finished up. Then she took off for the office and I did some more unpacking.

Marilyn (and Rich) had a speaking engagement this evening.

Sister Sue took me to get my medications, then she and I went to Mexican food. It was nice to talk and catch up with each other. And I shared our photos from Marilyn's birthday weekend.

I only ate one taco at dinner, so I could eat the takeout I got to bring home for a late dinner with Marilyn. Her talk went well. She was meeting with a group of influential business women of all ages, and she mentioned to them that we're always recruiting for our Board...

We had a late dinner together and played more of our most recent Hidden Object Game -- a really wonderful one, by the way! It's HD and has amazing graphics. Plus it was well done, so you never got 'stuck' during play. Sometimes those games are a pain -- and unless you're willing to go online and find 'cheats' you can never finish them...

Marilyn has a VERY BUSY WEEK facing her (especially after all those days away). I need to get cracking first thing on the eNewsletter that's going out this coming Thursday. (I hope Marissa has the Copy and photos ready!)

I still need to 'fix' all the templates for the eNewsletter -- and try to do some sort of written tutorial for 'how to' use Cooler Email. So I've got a lot to get done, too.

Saturday, Marilyn has training with the Court in the morning. Then we have the Rose Planting at the office at noon.

Well, off to bed soon!

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