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Marilyn's Birthday!!! Great Fun!

What a great day we had! We both slept well and actually woke up at a reasonable hour. It was dry, but foggy -- and we we hopeful it would burn off...

We fed and watered the cats and left them with open windows to sit in upstairs, plus TV to watch. Then Marilyn and I headed south on 101. We stopped in Rockaway Beach, Oregon -- and shopped at the The Frugal Crow. We were there the year before last, when we attended the Pirate Festival in Rockaway Beach. This is such a cute store! We got our wonderful CROW that sits on our coffee table at the beach house there. And our crow pillow, too. The shop is a cross of old and brand new -- there's just a ton of delightful goodies there. We came away with quite a few things. (I was able to buy a pretty little rose dish for Marilyn to use for jewelry or whatever as another bday gift. She plans to take it to the office.)

I didn't see everything Marilyn had bought until we got back to the house -- and she got me a lot of thoughtful treats, including a wooden box full of sea glass! We kept driving, and ended up in Tillamook, where we visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory. What an incredible gift shop they have there -- wow! We got some cool things there, too -- and then did a short tour of the factory (and sampled some cheese, of course).

On the way back we stopped at the Pirate's Cove restaurant in Garibaldi, Oregon. The VIEW was the most amazing part of the meal, being right on the water!

We returned home around 3:00 in the afternoon, thinking we were going to have a long nap. But we downloaded another new HOG (hidden object game) App, and started to play that -- and kept at it for hours!

Finally, we went out to The Boardwalk at the Shilo Inn tonight for drinks and snacks. We had strawberry margaritas and a nacho and a burger (with onion rings) to nosh on. We even had two drinks each (!!!), which we so rarely ever do.

The food was wonderful and the drinks were yummy -- and we were right by the window, looking at the Seaside turnaround and the beach and ocean. Wonderful!

Afterwards we went for a walk on the beach. We both LOVE the beach at night. There's something about the sand and ocean in the dark, with fires burning on the beach...

Now we're home. We had some sugar free chocolate pudding with Cool Whip. It's not birthday cake (smile), but it was nice!

Tomorrow we head home in the morning -- and Marilyn will be back to work in the afternoon. Plus she has a speaking engagement tomorrow night.

We certainly had a great time on this trip! It was great to get away and relax. And we had a lot of fun. (The weather really wasn't all that bad, either.)

I'm excited to take my NEW crow home to the Portland house! Marilyn got me one of the crows they sell for the other house (as I love crows so much). This one is very like the one we already have, but it has some sparkles. (smile)

The cats are right across the room. Henry is sleeping on top of his 'tent,' and Colin is sleeping on his beloved bag in front of the TV. They seem as content to be here as we both are.

Oh! We did see "Noah" last night -- and it's an amazing movie. I need to review it sometime.

We're both really yawning and near to nodding off now. We had a busy, long day (without a nap), and then two drinks while out. No wonder we're nodding off. Hahaha.

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