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Having Fun. HOGs and Fascination and The Lumberyard...

We stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG (!!!) last night -- something we both LOVE to do. (grin) So we didn't go to sleep until past 5:00 a.m. And didn't get up again until past 10:00...

We spent a bunch of time watching TV and playing a NEW HOG (hidden object game), "Murder She Wrote 2." We'd played MSW before on the computer, but this time we were playing the newer version on our iPads. It came with 'three books' (three different mysteries to solve) -- and we've done two so far!

Then we went out to The Lumberyard Restaurant in Cannon Beach (Oregon) to have frickles (which we both adore) -- and discovered they were NO LONGER ON THE MENU!!! Such a disappointment! But when we asked we found out they make them anyway, so we got a bucket drink to split (really enough for two), and an order of frickles and an order of onion rings. Delish!

After that we went into Seaside to play Fascination and Wheel of Fortune in the arcade. Good fun!

Now we're home, planning to head to a movie, soon. We're thinking about seeing "Noah."

Sister Sue called to check on us today -- so sweet of her!

And Donn had Denise phone first thing this morning while they were on their way to the festival office to work. I hope that went well -- I'm looking to have those tasks done. (I've wanted the ports mapped since we moved into the building in 2010 -- this is four years later!)

The weather wasn't bad today. Overcast much of the time, but not raining. And quite warm for early spring at the beach...

Marilyn is having an asthma attack at the moment. Not sure what she's reacting to. Poor thing. We're not perfect, but we're both feeling better. (Marilyn isn't feeling great right now, though...)

Marilyn finished her book (by David Morrell). I haven't done quite as much reading as I planned to...

We both washed our hair today. Mine is just a MASS of curls right now!

I'll try and blog later about the movie (assuming we still go). Tomorrow is Marilyn's actual birthday!!!

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