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At the Beach!

We didn't get off as quickly as we'd hoped today, but it WAS still morning when we hit the road, so it's all good.

The drive here was lovely -- dry and partly sunny. The cats were WONDERFUL -- we didn't hear a peep out of them the entire trip.

Marilyn was WORKING the minute we got in the house and sat down (after unpacking the car), by the way. She got right in and tackled a bunch of emails. She sort of needs to keep things in check, or she'll be buried when she gets back to the office again (!!!).

After we'd brought everything in, we took the sheets we'd hauled home to wash and made the beds. Then we wanted to go out to Bell Buoy to get seafood cocktails (I always get shrimp and Marilyn always gets a 'combo' of shrimp and crab). But first we went to Safeway to pick up a few things (it ended up a bit more spendy than expected, but that's how it goes.) We brought everything home and put it all away before heading out again.

At Bell Buoy, Jon (one of the co-owners) was there and greeted us warmly, telling the young woman at the counter what our order would be (smile). Sometimes it's nice to be known and predictable...

So we ate and watched some TV. Then Marilyn went up for a nap and I followed shortly after. We both tried to read a bit, but she told me she kept falling asleep -- and I was the same way! It's just so relaxing to be here... We had long naps before getting up in the evening.

Tonight we made something light to eat -- and had some Jello. Then, unfortunately, Marilyn had a bathroom issue. We were afraid we didn't have medicine for her to take for the problem and that we'd have to dash to the store (!!!), but then we remembered we had pills in the car. Thank God, we did. I hadn't brought along my big bag of 'tricks' that includes everything (nearly -- a kitchen sink sort of gathering of supplies). The one time I decide I don't really need that bag and I'm dismayed not to have the contents... (sigh) I'm awful about liking to haul a bunch of stuff wherever I go, so I've really been working on cutting back and taking less with me when I go places.

Marilyn and I NEVER carry purses anymore. I'm sure people assume we do, because they will see us with bags -- but those are for our devices! We both have cute, leather bags for our iPads (like mini-backpacks). Her bag is gray and mine is black. I also carry my Kindle and things like my external hard drive in that bag...

Poor Marilyn doesn't feel too well. At this point it's hard to tell if she has a small bug, food poisoning or what. But we're hoping it won't last long. She took the pills and is now having a bath (while I type this). I'm glad we didn't need to rush to the store with her feeling crummy...

The cats seem happy to be -- and we certainly are! We've both been sick here before, and as this is just another home to us, it's no worse than being sick at the Portland house. If she feels lousy tomorrow, she can just take it easy until she feels better.

Marilyn wanted me to THANK everyone for the early birthday greetings, by the way. You guys are so SWEET!

There's an outside chance that Kris will come down for one day while we're here. I totally forgot to mention that yesterday. It's probably doubtful, but he did seem to be considering it.

Well, off to check on Marilyn! Good night all!

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