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Went to Work at the Office Today...

Yeah, I said yesterday that we weren't going to the beach today -- and considering we worked until past 4:00 p.m., we certainly didn't leave today! Hahaha. We honestly did not plan to be there that late, but things just worked out that way. Honestly, it's very DIFFICULT to get away from that office this time of year!

Marilyn always has so much to do -- and ends up in more meetings than ever appear on her schedule. And Kris came in to do the phone thing, then I hung around a bit just for that... No, it did NOT happen, thank you very much, Integra. Boy, are they ever f-ed up! They have cost us a lot of money for people on site to do work that they just aren't ready for. Kris was at the office, but they screwed it up on their end, yet again. Annoying! But, no, I'm NOT going to worry about it all weekend long...

Before I forget, it was sweet to see people leaving Marilyn cards and gifts. And everyone being so nice to her about her birthday. I gave her a Supergirl toy -- and Carol gave her a Wonder Woman toy! Both are side-by-side on her desk!

I did get some of my stuff done, anyway. Tweaking out the inventory lists from Donn to send them to Richard and Colby for the grant stuff, for one. And marking the desks for Donn to drill on Sunday. He's also going to map the ports for me!!! (woo hoo) Can't wait to get those two things done, at last.

Both Colby and Richard wrote back right away -- pretty impressive!

AND we got the quote from Malwarebytes today for the paid version of the software for the office -- with a generous 40% (!!!) discount for non-profits. That was a nice surprise. Debra is an odd one, though (their rep). But at least she FINALLY came through.

And the festival (Marilyn, frankly) PAID for my Windows Secrets subscription for this year -- very cool! I used to have a paid subscription for ages, then I let it go at some point. I kept meaning to get it again, but I'm pleased this is being paid for me.

Spoke to my friend June tonight -- and found out WHY she and Jim can't come down to the beach this weekend! Please keep them both in your thoughts and prayers, won't you? Jim needs to have surgery on Monday...

I was dead tired after work, so I took a LONG nap. But managed to get up in time for us to go see "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" at the show late tonight. (We just got home a bit ago.) We'd seen the first movie, of course -- and wanted to see this one, too. And we felt we should try and see it while it was still on the big screen. We enjoyed it. I think they do a good job taking these books and making them into films.

Well, I need to go do the garbage and recycling (real week!) now -- and it's raining to beat the band out there (of course). Hey, Dad? You were fond of saying it always rained on garbage night! Hahaha.

We got my meds that I needed, by the way! (I was nearly out of my thyroid pills.) And picked up Cool Whip to have with our sugar free Jello (essential)!!!

Poor Colin! He threw up on his beloved 'bag' yet again. He likes to have one of those 'cloth' (or cloth-like) grocery bags (or similar) to lie on and play on. So it's natural he ends up throwing up his fur balls on them. But it's traumatic for him when it happens! I need to give him another new bag.

And Henry is just crying for attention. I've already had to hold him once while trying to blog! He hates it when I go in to the office to work (he hates it enough when I'm here in our home office working for hours and hours) -- and he wants a lot of attention to make up for it! He was driving me NUTS during my nap! He kept coming on the bed and screaming and trying to rouse me (good luck with that, Henry!). The 'cat alarm' was really going off! Hahaha.

We're off to the beach in the morning! Can't wait! (woo hoo)

Now I'd better go get my work done!

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