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The Search for Queen Thelma...

This afternoon was FUN! Marilyn let me attend one of the 'Search for Queen Thelma' meetings (it's part of our Living History program). This year is the 100th Anniversary of Queen Thelma (the first-ever queen). Back in 1914 (a year of war and shortage), organizers brought back a queen (they'd had the governor's daughter the first year). But in 1914 VOTES were purchased (10 votes for a penny) -- as a fundraiser for the festival. Two dozen groups backed candidates and organized campaigns for the crown. The Harriman Transportation Club (railroad workers) supported a teenage file clerk named Thelma Hollingsworth. Thelma received 2,274,055 votes! "Although a mere girl in years," The Oregonian wrote of the 5-foot-2 Hollingsworth, "she is, as the proverb says, 'every inch a queen.'" (The vote-selling raised $15,000 for the festival, which would be more than $300,000 in today's dollars.)

Today we watched YouTube videos of 15 candidates applying to portray the young Queen Thelma. We voted on each one, based on Presentation, Personality and the Spirit of Thelma. The goal was to narrow it down to three finalists. People in 2014 will vote for which of these girls will become 'Queen Thelma' by using pennies, placed inside giant glass jars. The girls will get to ride in the Starlight Parade, where the winner will be announced. Then 'Queen Thelma' gets to ride in the Grand Floral Parade, one week later! Pretty cool, huh?

All 15 of these young women were AMAZING -- it was exciting to watch their videos and select the top three. I loved getting to participate as a judge. I'm a HUGE FAN of our Living History program (which is award-winning, by the way).

The rest of my day has been a lot more ordinary, dealing with IT (as usual).

We did do something FUN first thing this morning, though! Hahaha. We sent out a Press Release saying that NASA was going to honor our 100th Queen with a plaque on the moon! This became a News item at our website, that I got to put up first thing (with a funny photo to go with). I don't know how most of the media received it, but we did get air time on a local radio station. (grin)

REMEMBER TODAY'S DATE, if you're not getting why we did that... Hahaha.

Yeah, Marilyn and I both had this up on our Facebook pages -- and I even had a friend who believed it!

Just went away for AGES, so I guess I'll end this entry...

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