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Popcorn? Yes, Please! AND The War on Ants!!!

We had a very light dinner (olives), with Jello after. And now we're going to have a treat of popcorn (gluten free, mind you) -- which we feel we've earned! We use an old-fashioned popcorn popper that actually uses popcorn (though it does work in the microwave). No bagged stuff for us.

Today I spent a major amount of time on THE WAR ON ANTS -- a war that it seems like everyone in the area is also fighting! You can't mention ants to anybody at work without discovering that they, too, are dealing with them... (sigh) I used one of the small (cheap) vacuums to vacuum ants out of the fridge. I just can't get over them get INSIDE with the doors closed (both freezer and main part). There were tons and tons of them -- and today they were worse.

They weren't in any food -- everything stored there was tightly sealed up. I'm not sure WHAT they were after, as this is the new fridge that doesn't have a single spilled in it! They seemed to weirdly cluster around nothing, then die in big batches. But more living ants just kept coming and coming.

So I got them out as best I could. Then I took down the stack of games we store on top of the fridge and found a TON of them crawling on top of it -- and on the wall behind it. So I actually used ant spray to kill some -- and put down a barrier to keep them away. I sprayed the top of the fridge and the wall behind it (up high). I didn't want any poison down where the cats could be exposed. I had to wipe a bunch of it up with paper towels, so I got it on my hands. And somehow I must have touched my face, because I got it on the corner of my lip (!!!), too. It swelled a bit. And I probably ingested a tiny amount. Plus you're not supposed to get it on your skin at all (yeah, I should have read that before using it -- and put on gloves). But I've survived so far, so I guess it's okay. Hahaha.

Not true for the ants, though!

There are a few (barely) in the fridge -- they may have been under something and already there, because I don't believe any are coming down the wall right now.

This hasn't solved the problem, really. They're still in both our bathrooms -- and I saw one on the counter in the kitchen, too (damn him)! But it might make it easier for me to get in the fridge, with it cleared of those piles of ants.

The 'bad' spot in our house was clearly an issue BEFORE we ever moved in. It was actually treated (paid by the previous owners) at the time we were moving in -- they had to drill a hole in our concrete porch to reach them. We've had stone put on the porch since then, so there's no way to get to them from outside, I'm afraid... Anyway, I may have won this battle, but there's clearly a bigger war in front of me.

What else did I do today? Let's see how quickly I can relate things...

I figured out how to 'clean up' the GAL (global address list) at the office, and managed to do that Remotely. It's always been 'cluttered' with addresses that we needed for things like Forwarding -- but that I really didn't want Staff to be able to see and/or use. (It's caused some confusion in the past.) It's AMAZING how nice it is fixed like this! The email addresses are actually still there, just hidden from view... (I'm proud of reasoning that out, by the way!)

I also wanted to set up a 'group' for my home email forwarding. I wanted to see if I could forward to two different email addresses. Previously I forwarded to my Yahoo mail, then forwarded the Yahoo mail home. But Yahoo no longer seems to support forwarding, for whatever reason. (And we have a paid account for exactly that reason.) But with this new method, I forward everything to both. Worked like a charm, once I figured out all the details (not as easy as it sounds, done via the Exchange on the Server).

I did a couple of loads of dishes and picked up the kitchen, and did a couple of loads of laundry, too.

I answered some work-related email. And talked to Donn about some IT things. Still no word from Kris -- I hope everything is okay with him!

I did NOT color my hair. (sigh) Now I need to just wash it before tomorrow...

I was starting at one point to work on Kory's Profile from here at home, but didn't get very far. At least I was able to get on his machine from here. I'd already created his Profile on Friday while in the office. Did I mention that Kory is our new intern, starting on Wednesday?

Donn is checking out a resource for BUYING some computers for under $100 each (!!!). Even if we added the elements necessary for dual monitors, the machines wouldn't go over $150. Can you imagine? No, they aren't top of the line, but they're far better than a bunch of the machines at the office. And they'd be great if we needed replacements during this season. (I couldn't help thinking about sister Sue when I heard the price -- they're better machines than the one she has. And what a deal on the price!)

Can't think of what else I did today, so I guess that's good enough. By blood sugar was 109 (perfect again). But I woke up dizzy and had an earache all day long.

Sister Sue went to the doctor today and got a really good report (according to Marilyn, who was also there). That's the second doctor to give her good news!

Watched a couple of "Jeopardy" eps -- and "Dallas."

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