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Still Home. (Work Tomorrow, Instead?)

It's now 4:00 p.m. and we're still home. We did NOT go to the Dragon Awakening ceremony (it was RAINING again). And we're both cold and tired. So this might end up a repeat of last weekend, with us working Sunday (tomorrow). I'm fine with whatever -- ready to go with the flow.

Marilyn is sound asleep, anyway. And considering she doesn't get enough sleep (in my opinion, anyway), I think that's a good thing. Last week was another killer week for her (!!!), and I'm sure this week will be, too.

But Thursday she's got a morning thing -- then we're heading to the beach house for her birthday weekend!!! Can't wait. So naturally she does need to get a lot done, in order to have time off...

I fixed a nice brunch for us today...

The Season Finale of "The Walking Dead" is on tonight. Rumors abound as to who might die and what other horrible things will take place. Discussions since last week have been about cannibals (in Terminus) and what happened to Beth (cooked? dead?). And about 'scary Mary' and the weird unlocked gates of Terminus (where the hell are the Walkers???). It won't be on again until October (six and a half months), so I'm sure many of the fans are going nuts about now. Hahaha.

My blood sugar was 79 this morning. I continue to be really good...

More later...

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