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Rainy Day! News at the Festival Website.

What a miserable, rainy day! Marilyn and I walked out to get lunch and I got soaked! I was in the bathroom using tons of paper towels to dry off and was still damp. Yikes! My hair went from straight to totally curly. (grin) Jeff got caught out, too. We were both drowned rats, and I'm not kidding!

And the good side, Danielle gave me a lesson on doing News items for the NEW version of the festival website that was launched last month. It wasn't that much to learn, really, due to the fact that I've used WordPress quite a bit in the past.

So now I'll be doing the News items going forward, which makes me really happy. That way I'll still have a hand in helping at the website, but I won't have to be responsible for most of the work. Very cool! I did an item today (with a photo) and have two more ready to go (with more photos -- including one of Marilyn).

The bad news for today? Kris didn't show up for his telephone appointment! I'd had a bad feeling all day long that he needed reminding, but Marilyn didn't want me to get involved. He was supposed to be there at 4:30, but there was no sign of him when we left past 6:00.

By the way, it was amazing to leave the office that early! Marilyn hasn't been out of there before 8:00 all week long...

As for Kris, he set that appointment HIMSELF, so I hardly know what to make of it. We're on a serious deadline to FINISH up the phone stuff -- and he's the one who needs to do it! For that matter, Marilyn had hoped to grab him to discuss the WiFi setup, too...

Working tomorrow. We might go to the 'Awakening of the Dragons' ceremony -- if it's not raining too hard! (I don't need to get soaked two days in a row!) This is where they paint the eyes on the dragon boats to 'wake them up' for the racing season. It's pretty cool, really.

Oh! I haven't been taking time to write it down every day, but my blood sugar results each morning have been excellent! Clearly the new meds are helping. This morning I was 95 -- and the rest of the week I've been around 100. Good deal!

Well, I'm off to bed. I think tomorrow will be a long, busy day...

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