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Sister Sue Scare -- And Cleaned the Family Room

Short entry. Saw sister Sue at 10:00 this morning -- she kindly took me to pick up mt meds. Marilyn's meds weren't there -- she supposedly needs to see her 'doctor' (but Marilyn says she doesn't). They said they'd fax the request, so we'll see what happens. One of my meds had been cancelled, but was still there (good thing I got there today!). Then Sue and I went to Freddies. She needed to shop, and I was happy to do the same! Got some acorn squash that I cooked for dinner, but forgot (!!!) to get apples -- darn. We had Starbucks there, to save time.

Anyway, went home and talked to Marilyn, who had been trying to reach Sue, but couldn't. She wanted to confirm Sue's Friday appointment (so she could go with). And chat about Sue's current health. She had a 3:00 meeting, and wanted to reach Sue before 2:30. I started to phone her. And phone her AND phone her -- for ages. Both her house and cell. Over and over. Kept thinking how she hadn't felt well. And that she was dizzy and took a fall last night. And she hadn't eaten all day, and wouldn't eat when I tried to get her to. And my mind was screaming scary things at me, even though I was trying not to panic. So I was phoning Marilyn and texting and calling Candy and so on. Sue forgot her cell at home -- she was at her son Larry's house, picking up Nicole. I knew that, but forgot...

She was okay, even though she still didn't feel great. That's the good part.

I spent a good part of the rest of the day cleaning house and fixing dinner (plus some work-related odds and ends). The family room looks pretty nice, anyway. We spend most of our time in this room (We're both here right now), so...

The weather is rainy (ugh), and a bit cold. Marilyn didn't get home until almost 8:00. She had her personnel review today, with Jeff.

My back is sore and I'm really tired, so this is it for today. The weather is rainy (ugh), and a bit cold. But everything is in bloom. Spring is here.

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