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Home Sick Today -- Got eNewsltter Out!

Stayed home today, not feeling all that great. Regardless, I was up and getting the eNewsltter out, as planned. (We'd decided in the Communications meeting yesterday that it would go today.)

Yeah, the goal is for Marissa to do it going forward (and Danielle in off season months). But there was no way to get it out in a timely fashion and train Marissa, too. Plus not being in the office all day yesterday, or at all today, meant I just needed to do what I've done for years now.

Seriously, this was SIMPLE compared to the eNewsletters we've done in the past. I've commented all through the templates so that it should be clear for others to be able to use them. And there's limited text and very few photos (plus these are small!) -- with a few links. No big deal, really.

I don't use ANY notes for CoolerEmail -- the service we use. So I guess I'll need to create some. (sigh) I spend a lot of time creating tutorials for others. At least in this case someone will actually use my notes, as I doubt others will just reason it out and remember it, the way I did... (I can barely remember a time when I didn't know how to use Cooler... I had to learn it pretty damn fast back when I first used it. Aside from creating my own templates from scratch -- three and one column versions. Early on I changed tons of colors each time around!)

I also phoned about Marilyn's Starbucks account. Since the latest update of the App for her phone, her username no longer worked! John, who helped me, has been dealing constant issues from users since this update! He was disgusted that this rollout was totally focused on NEW users -- and not long time users! Annoying. At least he got it fixed.

Part of the issue? When users originally created accounts online, they could have two-part usernames (such as first and last names). And these could be separated by a space. New users have their email address as their username -- but that won't work for you if you have an old account set up the other way! So you go to their website and it asks for your username or email -- but that's not really what it's asking for...

John literally had to edit Marilyn's username in their system to make it work. What a PITA (pain in the ass, for those who don't know).

Washed my hair today -- which is actually a big deal when you have long hair and are feeling somewhat punk. Washing your hair can be a bigger deal than it sounds... Hahaha!

I guess I'll try and go to work tomorrow -- and try to finish training Marissa.

I didn't bother contacting Kris today, because I knew he wouldn't have worked on those things I was told by Donn he'd said he'd mess with last night...

Too tired to share more...

DAMN!!! I need to go get all my meds, before they yank them.... (sigh)

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