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Training Day? Came Home Sick...

Today Marissa started (replacing Caitlin). So I went in to train her (as I do all new personnel). We started out by going to Starbucks (traditional), with Andy and Steven. (Rich was out sick today.)

Then I took Marissa up to my space to start training her. We had constant interruptions -- it was also a very busy IT day, I'm afraid.

Donn was in at 9:30 to work on some projects. We were having issues with PRFA76 and the monitors that turned out to be rather serious, rather than simple. (sigh) Thank God Donn was able to come in, for the sake of my sanity!

I probably got Marissa about half trained before she had to go into the Communications meeting. I joined the meeting briefly to find out about the eNewsletter (that was almost ready to go last Friday). We're sending it tomorrow -- assuming I'm feeling up to it, of course.

Anyway, I wasn't feeling well when I got up this morning. If I hadn't been training someone new, I'd have stayed home, but that wasn't an option. Marilyn and I had been talking about taking a lunch break when I suddenly got the runs, pretty bad. I just asked her to take me home -- I couldn't face the rest of the day being there sick. It was VERY KIND of Marilyn to break away to bring me home, that's for sure!

VERY TMI: Good thing, too -- I was in the bathroom for ages when I got home (!!!). (sigh) Then I went to bed and slept for hours and hours. I didn't even hear the phone when Marilyn tried to phone me. Plus she didn't get home until past 7:30, so that would have been a long, miserable day for me.

Yeah, it was still kind of crummy, but at least I got to be home! You know, we can complain about being sick, but being sick and at work is what really sucks. We should be GLAD when we're able to be sick in the comfort of our own homes...

I fixed spaghetti sauce for dinner. I ate it with left over pasta, and Marilyn had a dish with one of her wraps (she really hates these new ones, even though they're supposed to be healthy -- I guess they taste pretty bad). She was still hungry (no doubt!), so I also heated up some leftover refried beans for her to eat, plain. I wasn't up for much real cooking, to be totally honest. (grin)

We watched the end of "Wheel of Fortune," and some tennis. Then watched "Dallas" when it came on (it was really good tonight). Now Marilyn is napping and I'm forcing myself to blog.

Ideally, I should try and go in tomorrow to finish Marissa's training! I just don't know at this point.

Oh! And Donn and I had enough issues that Kris had to take time and come in today. This includes on-going issues with the new WiFi (doesn't work, period -- thank God we've got the old one to fall back on!) and being blocked from some downloads (the Sonic Firewall???). Happily Donn got PRFA76 working again, because we didn't have a decent computer to replace it, I'm afraid.

Well, that's Monday. I hope I'm over whatever bug this is quickly. I just don't have time to be sick. I never did talk much about Sunday, but oh well. Time flies when you're really busy...

But one last note: My new manicure is really pretty!!!

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