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Today didn't go as planned. We didn't go in to the office to work, nor did we get our manicures. We'll have to do both of those things tomorrow, instead.

But that's okay -- we both really needed to REST. That was the most important thing. So who cares if we got to go out for a drive in the sunshine? The sleep was great.

I had quite a niacin flush today -- the strongest one I've had so far. I turned red all over. It felt like I had a bad sunburn (most people know how that feels -- it was exactly like that!). And I itched all over like crazy. I think using my estrace cream last night might brought it on, but I'm not sure. Plus I read today that I should take the aspirin half an hour before the niacin, so I'll try and time that more carefully in the future.

But as bad as the flush feels, it's really not harmful. Lots of people stop taking niacin when they have flushes. It's crazy. The benefits are just too huge for that!

Marilyn and I got "Frozen" today and watched it. What a lovely movie! Beautiful, with interesting characters and fun music. We both enjoyed it.

That's pretty much it for today...

Tags: 2014, march-2014, marilyn, movie, rest, sleep

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