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'New' WiFi -- Long (Busy) Day -- First Day of Spring!

Happy first day of SPRING! I'm glad it's finally here -- I just wish it was warmer! Today was cold! (brr)

Before I forget, I got to (briefly) see my dear friend June (and friend husband Jim) tonight -- which was wonderful! It's been AGES since we've connected, even for a moment. Glad to hear her new glasses have been ordered. She's had issues since her second eye surgery, poor dear. Please keep June in your thoughts and prayers -- thanks!

I also saw sister Sue today (briefly, as well). She kindly took me to the store to pick some 'emergency' food items. It was nice to see her. Her color was good and she seemed better to me (if still tired out). She's continued to stay down for the most part (she was up to pick up granddaughter Nicole, which is why she could drive me to the store).

But stupid me: I totally FORGOT I was out of kitty litter and pan liners -- and today is garbage day! So Marilyn and I had to go back to the store when she finally got home from work at 8:30 p.m. We got several things, including getting a chicken (my impulse buy because we were shopping really hungry).

We had dinner after 9:00 (we were still eating at 10:00, so quite a bit past 9:00!), and it included spaghetti sauce with non-gluten tortillas for Marilyn (and pasta for me), the chicken breast we'd just bought, brussels sprouts plus celery and pea pods (raw). And we had sugar free Jello (orange) for dessert (allowed during Lent when we're not having other sweets).

Then we watched "Jeopardy" on the DVR. After cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, suddenly it was 11:00! Not sure how that happened (!!!). What a long, busy day!

I did some things for the festival during the day (mostly boring stuff that doesn't matter). This did include setting up the eNewsletter templates with David from FISH (he turned that project around VERY quickly -- I was impressed!). I need to review them and 'tweak' a bit more, but should be ready for these to be used immediately, thanks to David's timely assistance.

Donn came over just past noon today to install the devices that extend our WiFi for use downstairs in the family room -- and I have to say that this was worth the price! Yes, we're still on Century Link and don't have great internet to begin with, but it's certainly an improvement over what we had before. So pleased to get that task checked off my 'at home' list (which is pretty long, really). I have a bunch of other things I need to tackle, but we'll both be happy with this done! I couldn't wait to have Marilyn finally try it out late tonight. She was too tired to do much, so hopefully she can mess with it over the weekend.

We'd been thinking about going back to the beach house -- leaving Friday and coming back Sunday. But we both would prefer to go in to the office and get some WORK done on Saturday, so we're going to nix the original thought. Plus we really need to get manicures, too, so...

I did do the 'beach' laundry today. We have a washer and dryer in the beach house, but we really don't use them much. Sometimes we'll throw something in the dryer, but I think the washing machine looks a bit suspect. (These are those stacking models, and I think they're old...) Anyway, we normally haul our bedding and towels home to wash and dry. It's no bother, really. So thinking we might be going back down, I did the bedding (sheets and pillowcases). Then we'd brought home a couple of throw blankets we keep in the living room (blue and white and pink and white) that were dusty and needed washing. Anyway, that's done, so they'll all be ready when we do go back. We go each year for Marilyn's birthday, so that might be the next trip. Her birthday falls on Monday, so we're thinking about leaving Friday and coming back Tuesday. I guess we'll see how it goes...

Last year June and Jim came down for her birthday and we all went to dinner -- it was wonderful! (And they brought her a birthday cake, too.) I wonder if they'll be up to maybe coming down for one day this year, as well... (???) And I wonder if sister Sue might make it down this year (???)... I guess we'll have to wait and see.

If any of you want to know more about that cool WiFi thing, let me know. I had meant to share details, but I got lazy... (grin) But I'll gladly share if anyone else thinks they need this device. It's sure a delight!

Well, I have most of the garbage and recycling done -- except for the cat boxes. I imagine I'll be doing those in the middle of the night (for a change). Oh well. What's new? At least I have kitty litter! Hahaha.

Tomorrow is a very busy day at work, so I really need some sleep (any time now would be great!).

One last unpleasant note: I heard from Garry (FHSAA) about the website. He wrote: Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. We have decided to go in another direction so we won't be needing the website you had started. Thanks again for your willingness to help us. Best wishes, Garry The website I 'started,' huh??? Um, I spent hours and hours on it -- and it was entirely finished except to tweak the content! I hadn't been thinking about it as a 'mock-up,' because I was led to believe they were going with it from the get-go. This is the sort of behavior that gives volunteers a bad name -- acting in a totally unprofessional fashion (and I'm talking about Garry here, not me). By the way, just because my services were FREE for them, that doesn't mean they should be treated as worthless. But I don't need to be validated about either my talents or my skills, having done a major website for six and a half years (and having had that website win an international award during that time). I believe Garry decided he didn't like either Marilyn or me, and that he didn't WANT to work with us. And he was hardly my favorite person to interact with, either, so that's fair enough. But it's a shame about the website -- I think the design really turned out nice! Too bad it won't be used.

And I was surprised by Ginny. I had written to her asking her what was going on -- and she forwarded my email to Garry to answer, without bothering to communicate with me. Earlier today I was angry with Garry -- but found I was even more angry with Ginny. Sometimes people seem really nice and friendly, but they can really surprise you over time. Ultimately once some time had passed -- and I reminded myself that it's Lent, after all -- and I just felt nothing. I'm really calm and emotionless as I type this, and I don't even feel slightly angry about the wasted time and effort. I enjoy coding, so I've decided to consider it additional experience. (I even have some ideas that might improve Roosevelt's website.) Done is done. Will I be more cautious next time? Doubtful. I am who I am -- and I like to believe that most people are GOOD -- and that most people will be decent to others. Just because there are people who aren't pleasant and fair-minded doesn't mean that I'm going to expect others to behave in the same negative manner. Call me a chump (there have always been people that think that), but what the hell. Meanwhile, I remain friendly and honest in my approach toward others. And it's been good for me. So why change? I'm a big girl and I can stand being hurt now and then.

On that note, goodnight all!

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