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Blah. Feel Like I'm Fighting Off a Cold.

I feel like I might be fighting off a cold. (ugh) Oh well. Marilyn had a very early day, that ended quite late (leaving the office after 8:00) -- for a 13+ hour day. Little wonder she's sound asleep on the sofa! HGTV is on, but it's mostly background noise right now. We both love watching HGTV. I often have it on during the day for background noise... (Or sometimes just when I take a break, such as to grab a bite of food.)

Donn is coming tomorrow to 'fix' our WiFi issue (hopefully). He has an idea that will hopefully work...

Today I wrote to downgrade our StatCounter account for the festival. It previously ran us around $500 a year. But since the new website, we don't need it anymore. I spent more time messing with the eNewsletter template -- but I am so DONE with that. The mobile coding simply makes no sense to me, so I finally gave up. I tried to reach David from FISH, but that didn't happen. Frankly, nobody can be reached via the main phone number. No, I'm NOT kidding! Not sure how they can do business that way, but oh well. We need several versions of the template. Five in all, I'd think. One for one item, one for two items and so on. I'd love it if they could use my version of their first template to create all of them, but whatever. I think they created this assuming I'd be doing the eNewsletter, but that's not the case. So it needs to be really easy to read. Well, I'll try to get them to either do it, or to make a version I can understand... (sigh) Unlike the past, I'm really not willing to put in hours and hours trying to get it...

I spent some time trying to save a houseplant today. Not sure if it will make it, or not. I've had it for several years, but whatever. I'm just not going to feel bad if it dies. We don't have many plants left. I seem to have lost the knack of growing them anymore.

Still dealing with the Remote desktop problem. I spent a bunch of time on it today, but it's not resolved. So annoying. And people are having issues with the new WiFi at the office. (sigh) Figures!

You know what? I need a week or two OFF my IT tasks. I'm really fed up with it. I wonder what they'd ever do without me... (???)

Sister Sue is still very sick. Poor thing. She's been staying down, which is good.

Carol is back from Hawaii tomorrow...

More tomorrow. I need a nap. Oh! My bloodcount was 107 this morning.

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