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A Busy IT Day

I had another low this morning. Before heading to work I was 74. Okay, compared to being in the 50's, it's not low. But for months I've been around 140-170 fasting, so this is really low for ME. I'm getting kind of used to lows lately, so surprisingly it wasn't a big deal. I was supposed to skip my Glipizide last night, but I forgot. For my morning meds, I took a half, which worked fine. So I'll propably stick with half doses for now...

Went to Starbucks with Rich and Mike (one of our interns). Rich bought for me -- so sweet of him!

Donn came in this morning and we tackled a bunch of IT today. Malwarebytes is now on every computer. And we're adding WOT (Web of Trust) to all the browsers (we use Firefox in our office). If you don't currently use WOT, I highly recomend you consider getting it. (It's free, by the way.) it's not 100% correct, but it's really good and can save you from making some bad mistakes when browsing.

Ralph (our beach house handyman) came in with his daughter Nicole. We got to give them a tour of our office (before Nicole met with Marilyn).

Marilyn was in meetings all morning long. I talked to the Staff briefly during Staff meeting (and gave them the cards with the link to the new How To website. (Marilyn and I got our first website back in 2002, and have mostly used it for storage. It seemed like a good place to put our How To stuff...) I took the web pages that used to be at the festival website and re-wrote them so we can still use them. There are several tutorials that are very handy.

Rich, Marilyn and I went to lunch and had Chinese today (which I really wanted). Very nice!

In the afternoon I first went back to IT. Then we went over for the Metro Princesses announcement (two girls at one time). All eight candidates gave their speeches, and it was hard not to cry. Our festival theme this year is 'Making Memories' -- and these girls said wonderful things about the memories the festival creates. It makes us all even more proud of the work we do...

I had a weird experience. I looked down at the program and saw a name and thought 'she's going to be a Princess' -- even before I read a single word about her (or she had been introduced). She ended up a Princess, by the way! So odd...

When we got back Kris was there to work on the NEW WiFi. He got it fixed this time -- and it didn't take him very long. I walked out with him so we could have a private discussion. I was glad we had that chance.

Then I sat in for part of the Communications Meeting. Upstairs I heard quite a bit of the Starlight Parade meeting (my space is right by the upstairs conference room). Marilyn and I finally headed for home around 7:00 p.m. (We gave Ashley a ride home on the way.) We watched "Wheel of Fortune" and "Jeopardy" (we tape it), then I fixed dinner and we ate around 8:30-9:00-ish. Now Marilyn is sleeping (she has an early breakfast thing for work tomorrow morning). I'm yawning while I type this...

That was pretty much my day (minus some various IT issues)...

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