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Home to Portland

We're home to Portland. We got in around 7:00 p.m., so not early enough to get our manicures. But that's okay. The cats were great coming home, even though Henry was upset to leave the beach house...

Ralph came by the house today. It turns out he's driving his daughter Nicole to her meeting with Marilyn and Lilia tomorrow at the office, so we've asked him to come in and see the office. Nicole wants to try and get a job in Portland and move here, so she's seeking advice.

Marilyn does tons of these kinds of meetings, by the way -- helping people out. I think she's amazingly kind to make time in her busy schedule for this sort of thing. Anyway, hopefully Ralph and his wife Toni will be pleased by this...

We watched "Dallas" tonight. Love that show.

We need to get to bed soon. Tomorrow will be another busy day at the office.

The weather was LOVELY today, by the way. You'd never know it was so stormy yesterday (and all night long).

Update on sister Sue: She's not doing well, I'm afraid. I hope she gets better soon.

That's it for Monday, St. Patrick's Day. No green beer here, I'm afraid...

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