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Rainy Beach Day -- Stayed Home

Today was a rainy day at the beach. Marilyn and I stayed in all day, which was just fine by us, actually.

Quick run-down on my bloodcounts for today...
5:06 a.m. - 125 (Thankfully not low.)
9:24 a.m. - 107
2:44 p.m. - 167 (After eating -- pretty decent for an 'after food' reading!)
6:05 p.m. - 58 (My lowest reading ever.)
8:10 p.m. - 124 (After eating.)

The 58 reading was rough -- I felt really, really LOUSY (the way lows feel is nasty). I'm still fixated on NOT using sugar to 'treat' these lows, but sticking to food, only. As is usually the case, I felt ravenous (you can almost not eat quickly enough when you have a low). I sat very still and ate some food and recovered. We watched "The Walking Dead" and "The Talking Dead," and then I made dinner.

We had ham, kale and sliced tomatoes for dinner. Very yummy! (We had bacon and hominy for breakfast today. And just noshed on whatever for lunch...) I clearly need to 'graze' more during the day right now. These lows are a bit scary (and very uncomfortable).

Marilyn wants me to consider adjusting my diabetes medication to avoid these lows. I probably need to get in touch with Leslie and find out what she advises.

Henry and Colin followed me upstairs -- and Henry got up on the railing! There's a half-wall that runs all around this area just outside my bedroom. The top is maybe six or seven inches wide (flat wood on top) -- naturally both cats want to try and get up there all the time!!! The thing is, Henry has always had 'issues' with his balance, since he was a kitten. He's awkward and his legs don't quite work right. And the wood is slippery! So this freaked me out. I grabbed him and carried him downstairs. Then he runs away and when I came back up here, guess where he was??? Bad, bad boy!!!

I've been uneasy about that ledge since we moved in, but what can we do? There's a staircase below, so the fall would be serious, to say the least... Most of the time I just pray they'll stay away from it. And heaven knows I've scolded them (as if that works). (sigh)

As for the rest of our day, we watched tennis, watched other TV, I read on my Kindle and we played our HOG on our iPads. Oh, and I napped, too. Very nice!

We have to head home tomorrow and will probably go fairly early. It would be nice if we got back to Portland early enough to get our manicures, which we really need. But somehow I doubt that will happen...

Out of coffee here! Never a good thing...

Yes, we watched "Revenge," too -- which was better than last week, thankfully...

Henry's over at the bucket located on the stairs. It's the match to the one that we have on the stairs at home. These buckets are yellow plastic and we fill them with water for the kitties to drink. For whatever reason, they just LOVE these buckets! They will barely drink out of any of their other water bowls now...

The history of those two buckets? Years ago, Mom, Dad, Marilyn and I took a trip to the beach together. We visited a bunch of spots that they both loved -- and they had stories everywhere we went about past experiences (fishing trips and so on). Dad and Mom bought us each a sand pail (the yellow buckets) to 'play' with (even though we were far too grown up, really, to play in the sand!). We've had those buckets ever since and used them for lots of things over the years. They're missing their handles (and shovels) now, which actually works best for cat watering. (smile) I suspect Mom and Dad would be pleased that the cats love them so much... Funny how an inexpensive gift can end up meaning so much for so very many years.

Talked to Sue -- she sounded awful and didn't seem to be a bit better. I wonder if she'll need to go see Dr. Young (her GP)? I wish she'd just STAY DOWN, but I know she won't. She drives Nicole to school every single school morning, and picks her up after every school day. Plus she takes her all over the place -- and goes to get her cousin, her boyfriend and others all the time, too. She did that even when she had just gotten out of the hospital! Doesn't Nicole get it? Doesn't Candy (Sue's daughter and Nicole's mother) get it? Sue is not healthy. She could DIE. Don't they care??? I suppose I should ask them one of these days and see if I can get them to FOCUS on the issue -- because I do think they care, but they just don't THINK about the problem (and Sue plays it down all the time)... (sigh)

No idea when we'll get back down to the beach house again. We always come for Marilyn's birthday (April 7), so hopefully we'll do that again this year. But I don't know if we'll make it here before that or not...

Well, it's been WONDERFUL to be here -- even for a few days. Three nights is pretty special, really. And the rain didn't bother us at all. We had a relaxing, lovely time.

(I hope it doesn't rain all the way home tomorrow. Driving in the rain can be such a pain...)

Sounds like it's going to be dry at home in Portland tomorrow. That's a good thing, anyway.

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