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Beach House! Glad to Be Here!

Marilyn didn't quite get away from work by 2:00, but she did leave at 3:00, so not bad! She said she'd originally planned to leave at 4:00, so she cut the difference in two. Good deal.

The boys (Colin and Henry -- our cats) were wonderful driving down. They, too, seem happy to be here. Right now Colin is on the floor near my feet, and Henry is lying in front of the fire. Marilyn is on her iPad, and (obviously) I'm blogging (using my iPad, because I'm too lazy to set up my laptop). Yeah, I could just use the desktop computer, but I don't feel like going upstairs all alone...

The news is on and we're more listening to it than watching it.

I'm very proud of Marilyn. Today Jeff told her about an important meeting he'd neglected to let her know about -- one they were both supposed to attend. It's happening Monday morning (!!!). She told him she was sorry, but she'd made her plans and was not changing them. He totally understood and did not pressure her about it (but is planning to try and change the appointment to a time when they can both go). Marilyn is essential for a lot of the work at the festival, granted. But both of us have spent the past eight years totally focused on the festival, and feel it's now time to make some changes. Our health is important. We have this house that we haven't used as much as we want to, and that needs to change.

Anyway, I am proud of her that she didn't just change our trip and agree to be there. We can't continue to work as hard going forward. Marilyn hasn't felt well this entire year to date, and she needs more rest and relaxation... I should continue to have more 'free' time to spend on cleaning our home and on other projects. We have personal websites and I have writing I want to do, among other things. This doesn't mean we won't continue to be passionate about the festival and our work there. But we're going to try and be a bit more balanced.

Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful.

Any and all good thoughts (and prayers) for sister Sue are greatly appreciated. She's very sick with a bronchial infection. With her lung issues, this is quite serious, I'm afraid. (Praying she'll be okay.) Plus my dear friend June is having problems with her vision after her recent surgery and could also use good thoughts (and prayers). Thanks!

More tomorrow! (hugs)

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