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Busy Day

Today was a very busy IT day at the office -- spent working with Donn, for the most part.

The time issue with Caitlin's computer? It was more complicated than either Donn or I would have guessed. First we tried to reset the time several ways, without success. Then we both did research (I swear both Donn and I live for IT research!). And we finally landed on virus issues. Malwarebytes saved the day (as it has in the past). And the time on her computer is now correct.

There's a lot more IT stuff, but I'll skip the (boring) details...

Kris came in, and I helped a bit with phone-system-related stuff (pretty annoying). He also messed unsuccessfully with the new WiFi -- after which I had to get the OLD WiFi working again. (Not at all sure Kris understands how much we rely on our WiFi!)

Marilyn, Rich and I had lunch together, discussing work the entire time. Marilyn would have used her festival credit card to pay, but Danielle still (!!!) had it...

The training for the NEW eNewsletter? Not all that effective. I'm wondering if I'm really needed for this, or not... If my experience and expertise isn't valued, then it's probably best for ALL of us if they reason it out alone. I guess we'll see...

Researching my new meds. All the B vitamins seem to have amazing properties. Niacin can do wonderful things for improving health. But I do need to monitor my issues. Marilyn wants me to STOP taking it before bed, so I can sleep at night. I think this makes sense. Lots of people (from my research) take it in the morning, so I suspect that's likely to work better for me. I'll try it tomorrow -- so we'll soon see!

My bloodcount this morning was 100. Amazing.

We had a nice dinner (protein and veggies) -- we've been very good so far during Lent. This is often a time when we start more healthy eating, by giving up unhealthy foods. (I often think about my body as a temple -- and how I need to treat it with respect and love...)

Did I mention finishing a wonderful historical novel set before the American Civil War? The title isn't coming to me at the moment (!!!). But it focused on two women -- one black and one white -- and how they dealt with slavery. Well-written and a fascinating read. I'm getting even more picky about the quality of the writing in the books I read, now. And so many books are poorly written these days! Just because someone has a story to tell, that doesn't automatically make them a writer! I tried to start a SciFi book with an interesting sounding premise, but the writing was SO BAD I had to quit reading. No amount of editing could have fixed it, it was that awful. I was disappointed, because the idea had sounded so good...

I need to start writing again. I have stories inside waiting to be put down...

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