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Spring! What a Lovely Day!

Remember me getting caught in the downpour yesterday??? Well, today the weather was LOVELY all day long! It really felt like spring, I have to say.

Frustrated by the whole phone system thing and trying to get Kris to do what he needed to do. I still have no clue if he did it or not (and we supposedly had a 'deadline' to get this done by today). Oh well. I need to let go of some of these things, I guess!

Lunch with sister Sue. We drove all the way to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver, Washington -- only to discover they're no longer OPEN for lunch (except on weekends)!!! That was a shock. We've got there quite a bit for lunch in the past. We ended up going to Sweet Tomatoes, instead. I'd never been there before today. For those who don't know, it's a buffet salad and soup bar. I happen to love buffets (!!!), so I was all for it. I had a healthy lunch of salad and soup -- no breads and no desserts! (I must admit that there were items that tempted me, though!)

After lunch Sue took me to Walmart so I could pick up testing strips. The ones I get for my normal tester cost a fortune (I'm not kidding!), so I bought one of the ReliOn testers they sell, which have reasonably priced test strips (50 for $9!!!). Sometimes I need to test more than once a day, so this just makes sense.

Cool thing? While there, I asked about the Ball Park Burgers we've seen advertised over and over on TV. We've looked for them all over the place, but the website said Walmart would carry them -- which has never been true before today! So excited to finally get them!

We had burgers (no buns) for dinner, with cottage cheese, kale and hominy. We're still doing GREAT avoiding breads, chips and the like.

So, jumping around, last night I felt nauseous after taking my pills. And I actually threw up while brushing my teeth to go to bed. (Sorry! TMI!) What I realized was that I'd just thrown up my pills! But not knowing if any got down, I couldn't really take them again. So I went without my night time pills... This morning when I did my bloodcount, it was 96 (which is exactly where it should be, mind you). That's low for me, because I haven't been under 100 except for my recent lows in AGES. I had to force down some yogurt immediately and wait to take my morning pills. I guess the thyroid medication is making quite a change for me!

Still fighting ANTS! And finding them in places we've never had them before!!! Damn. I sprayed that stuff and put out traps. So now what do I do? (sigh)

Just great! I somehow just CLOSED this tab! Good thing LiveJournal 'saves' our entries for us, isn't it? I would have lost all of this. (yikes)

Marilyn has a huge day tomorrow (starts early and ends very late), so I won't be going to the office with her. She didn't sleep that well last night, so she came home early (for her!) tonight -- we were eating dinner just past 6:00, believe it or not! Now she's sleeping, because she wants to be well-rested before facing tomorrow.

I did a bunch of laundry today. I did the bed linens (and made the beds after), washed Marilyn's sheet, blanket and pillowcase that she uses on the sofa and also did the two Indian blankets we bought at the leather shop in Seaside -- they had such a leather smell that I had to wash them TWICE. This included using 20 Mule Team Borax (also known as Borateam). Does anyone else remember that product? Mom always used it, and I still like to keep a box around for certain loads. It's a detergent booster -- very helpful for dealing with odors, for example!

Those Indian blankets are very cool! We originally bought two and brought them home to wash them. Then the cats (especially Colin) were so in love with them, that we kept them here. One of them is folded and on the top of the sofa, just above Marilyn's head, in our family room. That's one of Colin's favorite 'cat beds' (he doesn't like actual cat beds). He's sleeping there right now! And there's one spread on Marilyn's bed -- and both cats love to lie on it... (One was brown and the other maroon.) The new ones we bought are pink and blue -- and will now go to the beach with us.

I did a stupid thing today. It was so pretty and mild that I opened the back door and was letting the cats sit there to get some air. Then I decided I'd actually take them out in the yard. Bad idea! Henry almost immediately went under the deck (!!!). I was half an hour coaxing him out and capturing him before he could go back under again! There's NO WAY to get him out unless he wants to come, so I was pretty shook up when he got in there. What a pain! Guess who will NOT be going outside again???

Well, I'm off to read and nap. I was going to color my hair today, but just didn't feel like it, so guess what I'll be doing tomorrow? (smile) Plus I'll try to get more laundry done -- and maybe some more housecleaning, too. Sister Sue and I might try to go have Starbucks, as well...

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