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Busy Day. Un-Winterizing. Cleaning the Family Room.

This was a busy day. And don't kid yourself, of COURSE it included work for the festival, too! In case anyone doubts it, I do continue to know a lot about websites. And I most certainly know how to do a redirect, via HTACCESS. There had been some question of how the redirect would be done -- and apparently FISH wanted access to the 'baby' websites in order to set it up.

Look, HTACCESS is simple and works well. So I see no reason NOT to use it. I did get David's contact info from Danielle (finally -- she didn't initially send it to me). So I phoned him to discuss the redirects. I asked him straight out if there was any reason we needed to do this another way, and he agreed that this would work. (There had been 'talk' about something involving the DNS, but why complicate things?) Then I asked if he wanted these sites directed to the subpages that covered the topics -- rather than the Home page. 'Yes' would have been the simple and direct answer, but this guy prefers roundabout and confusing, for whatever reason. After several minutes, he finally got around to suggesting what I'd asked to being with (!!!). And these are the people who were 'lecturing' me about how to do websites several years back. Right. Because obviously they know a lot more than I do...

Well, whatever happens with the website in the future, I know damn good and well who made it spider the way it does -- and who put it in the top 2% at Alexa for several years. And knowing that is good enough for me!

Other work included getting touch with Kris about the finishing touches for the phone system switch-over that took place last Friday. I discussed what little I knew, and sent him the photos I took of the ports on the switch. I'd already emailed him the IP settings... Can't think of what else. Oh! I was in touch with Donn about Stephanie's monitor (one of her monitors is going out -- not strange, considering how old it is). And I Remoted in and answered a bunch of my email, too.

But much of today was spent on the house. I went outside and took down the plastic we had up on the windows of the family room. I really had these snug this year, so that was quite a job. And of course it began to POUR down rain (!!!) while I was out there, even though it had been dry when I started the work. Oh well. At least I got it done! I was a muddy, WET mess when I got through, but I was pleased with myself, even so.

Then I spent the rest of the day cleaning the family room. Doing the carpet on the stairs that go down from the landing to the family room. Picking up the entire room and organizing a bunch of stuff. I moved things around and got rid of some stuff -- and just generally got things easier to manage. I also dusted and vacuumed the entire room, which really needed it. The end result wasn't perfect, but it did turn out pretty nice (if I do say so myself). But gosh, I was really, really tired when I finally got done!

Marilyn had a LONG and busy day at the office -- and she was tired, too, when she got home! We ate quite late, because I had to work up to fixing dinner (protein -- cold cuts -- and harvest tomato soup). It wasn't that much work to 'cook' dinner (only the soup was actually cooked!), but some days it's hard when you're as worn out as I was!

Saw Rafa Nadal lose at Indian Wells (the BNP Paribas Open), I'm sorry to report.

Then we watched "Dallas."

And now I'm very ready for a nap!!! I'm yawning so hard while I type this that my eyes are just running with tears and I can hardly see what I'm writing!

Tried to reach my friend June today, but that didn't happen, I'm afraid...

Oh! Sister Sue got back from her cribbage tournament in California last night. And she and I did talk today. I need to share all of that at some point...

I totally keep forgetting to mentioning that I recently lost one of my favorite rings. It wasn't very valuable, or anything. Just sentimental! The design was almost a PERFECT MATCH for my arm band tattoo (that I have on my upper right arm). It fit on either my thumb or pointer. Lately many of my rings have been quite loose, so I guess it pulled free without me even noticing it. I'll miss that ring. I wonder if I could ever replace it??? Probably not. (sigh) Silly how the little things bother us.

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