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Memory Loss. I Feel Like I'm Going Crazy...

This week has been difficult. Recently (over many weeks) I've noticed memory problems. One of the reasons I want to totally avoid statins (which I believe are POISON, anyway). But there are other reasons for memory loss -- I'll go into that in more detail another time.

The confusion and memory loss is the strangest experience of my life. Yeah, yeah -- everybody forgets things. But this is much more than that! Thank God Marilyn is so understanding and so HELPFUL. Otherwise I'd just be sitting down and crying. I did have one good cry today, as it was...

But mostly we both laugh about our woes and let it go. We are being proactive, adding more supplements to our diet. Niacin (which they just gave me) for Marilyn -- considering it has so many benefits and no real side effects, aside from 'flushing' (which will calm down over time, if you hang in there). And Vitamin B-12 for me (which Marilyn already takes) -- which also has a ton of positive effects.

I'd love to get away from all the chemical medications, frankly, and be more holistic. Marilyn has been taking so many supplements during her life, and I think they've done a lot for her.

I need to WRITE about the situation with my memory at the current time. Because I've always had a very detailed memory about so many aspects of my life (and the many keepsakes that go back generations for our family). Hopefully this will improve -- and reverse for the better! I need a pretty decent memory for the work I do, so this is actually essential. Notes are great and I use them a lot, but they can't replace my memories...

I had another low blood sugar incident today. This time I was 75 (yesterday it was 65), so it wasn't quite as bad -- but it feels AWFUL when it happens! I didn't want to take the tablets or any candy, because I hate the way that spikes my bloodcount. So I ate food (yogurt and some other things) and just rested until it resolved, which thankfully it did.

I guess this is a clear sign that the thyroid medication is really working, because that's the major change I have going on right now! This is what we want -- minus constant lows, of course. I need to be sure I'm eating enough and regularly...

That's it for now. I'll try and write more tomorrow. I have a busy day planned here at home. We'll see how it goes!

I haven't even mentioned that I'm at WAR with the ants, yet again. I did a bunch of spraying on Saturday. (sigh)

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