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Tired Tonight. Another IT Day at the Festival Office.

Donn came in today to work on PRFA91. The good news? He got me Remoting on that machine! I can't even say how EXCITING that is! He found additional settings for Windows 8 (firewall settings) that did the trick. That makes me very, very happy.

Donn's been dying to get a chance to work with a machine that won't Remote, to see if he could fix this on-going issue. So he tried one of the machines downstairs that won't Remote (Steven's) -- but it was no-go, I'm afraid. (sigh) The setting are different, so...

The phone switch over FINALLY happened today. But what a pain! The Inflow guy was there right on time at 9:00 a.m. And Donn came in just after that. But the Integra guy wasn't there until almost 10:30! And they didn't get started right away, because things had NOT been set up correctly for the Integra guy by his team. Poor man. He was constantly on his phone trying to work this out.

Naturally I had to get into the mix, as the IT person. (sigh) I wasn't even there for this reason. I'd come in for the WordPress/Website Training that was happening at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon.

And I wasn't able to actually help, as the settings they needed changed are Server-side with our Sonic firewall device. I'm telling you, I was so wishing that Kris had taken the time to TEACH ME how to work with this! I had the IP settings that needed to be changed, but no way to do it. And then I'm taking pictures with my phone of the port that we need to plug into.

Couldn't actually reach Kris to talk to him, as he was in a meeting (surprise). To be fair, we hadn't known what day this would happen -- and we'd been told he wouldn't need to be there (right). I knew all along that something would come up, but what could we do? Maybe Integra thinks it's okay for people to come in and wait around for them, but I really can't afford to PAY Kris to stand around waiting on them. As it is, we're going to charge them back for the Inflow guy's time (which is expensive, by the way). What a crappy way to do business!

To add to the frustration, Christine had to reset the office fobs (our 'keys' to get into the building). We've got people who used to work for us who no longer do, and we needed to remove their access. So it's entirely possible that Kris' fob will no longer work. So if he does have time to come in this weekend, guess who will probably have to be there to let him in??? (sigh)

Nice moment? Rich wanted to go for lunch. Marilyn and I decided that would be nice. Carol invited herself along (which pleased us all!) and Marilyn asked Angel to join us, as well. So we were five for lunch! Of course, my IT stuff almost screwed that up, but finally didn't... (Marilyn and I both had shrimp for lunch, as it's Friday during Lent and we can't have meat... There were a lot of jokes about that. Hahaha.)

Lots of stuff in the afternoon. I didn't stay long in the training, because it was so basic. And I'm pretty sure I won't be doing much with the new website, anyway...

By the way, I'm logged in Remotely RIGHT NOW to PRFA91 at the office! How cool is that? So I can start to get more comfy with Win8 -- finally!

Donn had to completely do 91 over again, as trying to install Symantec (our antivirus software) crashed it back to before software applications had been added! What a pain. And we discussed Profiles again. I just know from practice (years of it) what things you do for new Profiles versus old Profiles -- so I was teasing him about not messing up my Outlook (he added something I didn't need and changed my views inside by accident). He'll get it -- but I need to make even more notes. Only fair.

So TIRED when we got home. And I've been running a low grade fever because of my current flare up of arthritis, which makes it had to bend some of my fingers. (Which makes it had to even pick up things with my hands!) Oh well. I just wanted sleep. But I was also hungry, so finally fixed us dinner around 8:00. We had fish (Friday during Lent), kale (how we love kale!) and cottage cheese. And I was eating way too fast, I was so hungry by the time it was ready...

Marilyn and I both seem to NEED more sleep now -- and just can't stay awake the way we used to. I guess this is no surprise, but it's hard. We're used to getting in some time in the evenings or after midnight to DO THINGS that aren't work-related. I'm not sure how we can resolve this...

I wonder if Kris can just walk ME through what to do for the phones. They're happily done now -- except for the changes Kris needs to make. I could go on for ages about the screw ups (like needing to port our numbers previously handled by Broadvox -- who were recently bought out -- and why wasn't THAT done in advance, may I ask???), but why bother. After several hours, they finally finished it up. Months later, mind you. It's damn well about time! Phones haven't been working properly since February of 2013! Good heavens.

I'm sure I'm forgetting things (my memory is SO BAD these days!). Oh, right! Picked up my new meds after work. I need to start taking them...

And tomorrow night we all go to a hockey game together (most of the gang from work, that is). Marilyn and I do NOT like hockey and are NOT looking forward to this. Right now we see too much of our co-workers as it is. We really like the Team, but it's probably best not to try and socialize during our busy season. We just end up talking WORK, anyway! (Like we did during lunch today.) Anyway, we don't really need to work this weekend, so that's a good thing.

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