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Doctor Visit: Bad News? Mostly GOOD News!

This SHOULD be a lengthy entry, but I'm too tired for that. Maybe I'll add to it tomorrow. Anyway, Marilyn came home from the office in time to have me at the clinic by 4:15 for my 4:30 appointment. But I wasn't taken back until 5:00.

I love Leslie's assistant who has such humor and charm! She was really a delight to talk to. She informed us that I'd be seeing a trainee. Jamie is in her last year of school, and is going to be a wonderful nurse practitioner doing the same work as Leslie very soon.

She took her time and was very careful with me. We reviewed everything in great detail, down to the last medicine and each of my concerns. I just loved her!

After she had gone over everything with Marilyn and me -- and given me a careful examination -- she went to consult with Leslie. Then we meet with both of them.

It turns out that I have hypothyroidism -- interestingly enough, Marilyn and I have been wondering about this for some time! But the labs had never borne it out previously. Marilyn mentioned to me afterward that testing for thyroid issues needs to be done in certain ways, or it can give false results. There's good reason to think I'd have issues, especially as both my sisters Sue and Marilyn are being treated for these.

Hypothyroidism can cause a host of complaints -- and may be responsible for many of my problems, even those with my increased high sugar levels for my diabetes. Being on medication may well be a turning point for a number of my health concerns, so it's very exciting to look forward to this change! Even my recent hair loss can be traced to this, believe it or not!

So though my A1C test was much higher than last time (which we'd been expecting), this was really a GOOD and positive visit! My anemia is resolved (!!!) and I'm free to take Naproxen as necessary for my arthritis. There's more, but I can't say how delighted I was by everything!

I'd hoped to see Sue briefly, but decided to shower and do my hair before my appointment, so missed out. I had also hoped to see June (maybe after my appointment), but we didn't get home until quite late, so I cooked dinner and we ate right after we got back to the house.

I have work tomorrow, so I need to go and get the garbage and recycling DONE now, so I can head to bed!

This has been a very GOOD day, I have to say!

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