CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Fat Tuesday -- Dinner Out (Training Finished for 2014)

Marilyn and I went out for dinner tonight to celebrate Fat Tuesday (before starting Lent tomorrow). It was very nice! (Marilyn gave a very generous tip to Lonnie, our waitress. Marilyn never fails to impress me. She's such a generous person...) I got a bit tipsy at dinner on my one drink, which was a bit fun. (smile)

I finished up training for this festival season this morning. Marilyn and I took Mike and Erin (yes, another Erin) to Starbucks, as is the custom. (Rich was still away in Seaside at the convention, so he couldn't go this time.) I ended up training the two of them (our last two interns for 2014) together. I normally never do that. I did it once in the past and it was not successful, so I've never repeated it. But Mike and Erin sit side-by-side, so it just made sense. Marilyn took me home after that, and it felt like getting a half day off. (Which was nice, as I had a stiff neck and headache. I was worried I might be having a bout of Vertigo, but I think I was just stiff from cleaning yesterday...)

My friend June and I talked by phone today, which was very nice. We're going to try and see each other (maybe on Thursday).

Today was the first princess announcement. What a change for me, after years of being tied to getting the information up at the festival website. You know, surprisingly it was a relief. I did enjoy my past role, but it's a relaxation not to have that resonsibility, I have to admit! I'll miss the partnership that Rich and I shared for these announcements, however. But change can be a good thing, no doubt.

We're watching "Downton Abbey" (yes, again), and continuing to enjoy it. Such an amazing series. (It was so nice of Arthur to loan us the DVDs.)

I picked up the living room this afternoon. I'd love to actually clean the room, but must admit it looks much better just from straightening things up. Less work at the festival will mean more time to clean at home again (like the old days). That would really be nice.

Donn set up 91 today -- which I need to review. That should also be the last computer for the season (until summer). Hard to believe!

There are issues Remoting. I need to reason it out. (sigh) But nothing was resolved today, that's for sure. Frustrating, but that's how it goes so often with IT...

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