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Relaxing Day at the Beach

What a nice day! Life is so relaxing here at our beach house...

We did go out and have breakfast at the Pig 'N Pancake this morning. Yummy as always. We'll always have a soft spot for our local Pig 'N Pancake -- that's where Marilyn signed the papers on the beach house.

We took a ride and went shopping -- the skies were gray today, but it was dry. Really nice.

And we've been watching "Downton Abbey," and really enjoying it. Yes, it's just as delightful as everyone has said. We knew we'd love it!

We'll head home tomorrow. It would be nice to get an early start, considering it's Oscar day!

Tags: 2014, beach-house, breakfast, downton-abbey, dvd, food, march-2014, pig-n-pancake, relaxing, shopping, tv

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