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Long Day -- Winter Board Meeting (and More!)

This was an interesting day! Marilyn took off for an early morning meeting (Auction) without me. I'm sure she figured I'd take too long to wake up and pull myself together, so she just left. What I didn't know was that she planned to come home during the day to get me...

Anyway, I got right on the phone to sister Sue, knowing I had to be at our Winter Board Meeting which was tonight! So I 'begged' and Sue kindly agreed to drive me to the office -- even though she was getting ready to have friends to her house to play cribbage. One of the fun things was her bringing Eugene along when she came to get me! I really like him and I rarely ever get to actually see him. So he was up front with her and I climbed into the back for the dash downtown.

By the way, I suspect Marilyn would have been surprised by just how FAST I pulled myself together to go to work! I had this huge bag of stuff I'd wanted to drag in that I had to leave behind -- lucky thing, as Sue ended up dropping me across the street from the office in the rain! (Wow, it was a COLD day, too!) One of the items in that big bag is an actual table. Friend and neighbor Jim made it for me years ago to hold my computer tower up off the floor. Now I have a desk in my home office that holds the tower (Marilyn and I have matching desks, actually) -- so I've been using it for other things. Recently I moved it out of the office -- and now I want it at work, where I really, really NEED IT. (We were using a plastic bin -- upside down -- to be our 'table' upstairs, to hold computer equipment when we're working on it. So that table will be PERFECT!) I guess I'll drag that bag -- that also contains other stuff -- in to the office next week...

When I got there Rich asked me to sit in on his photo meeting with Gayle, one of our official photographers. She wrangles 'the boys' and keeps track of the annual schedule of festival events that they need to handle. I think I had some good points to offer, so I really enjoyed joining the two of them... (We had our meeting over at Starbucks.)

Got back to the office and decided to work on the Training Website that we've had for years for the festival. (This used to be at the festival website -- prior to the NEW website launch. I've been in a BAD WAY not having that site to train new people, I have to tell you.) Marilyn and I agreed to put it on our personal website (the same one I used to move the mockup of the Franklin Alum site). We've had this website since 2002, and it's never had actual navigation, because we use it for cyber storage -- and that's all. We originally planned it as a 'family and friends' website, where we could easily share personal stuff. But it just never happened. And in recent years I just haven't had the TIME to even mess with it. Still, there's a LOT stored there, even so! I've put images there that I used in my blog and for other purposes. (Just found another website mockup there. The one I did years back that was ignored! This had only happened to me once before -- and they actually decided they DID want me to be their webmaster. But the decision came AFTER I'd taken on the festival website -- and when I first worked on that I was way, way too busy to do any other sites...)

The training stuff might seem to be a small amount, perhaps -- but it's that much LESS that I don't have to include during my training sessions (which generally run from 90 minutes to two hours as it is).

I got a TON of work done, anyway -- so I'll be able to use the 'new' version of the site next week for our other two interns (who both start on Tuesday and need to be trained that day). I'm very happy about it! And I can direct our Staff there (again) as in the past -- plus share it with the two interns who never had a chance to see that stuff...

We just got home at 9:40 p.m., by the way. Actually, we got home about a quarter past 9:00 -- then Jeff texted us about going for a drink and a bite! So we threw our clothes back on (we changed the second we got through the door... hahaha...) and drove over to meet him. We had margaritas and some dinner (we were all starved) 'on the festival' (corporate VISA) -- Jeff felt we'd earned it! And it gave us a chance to both 'talk shop' and unwind from what has been a VERY BUSY WEEK!

I did go out earlier in the day to get some lunch. Good heavens it was COLD! But, frankly, it's very cold at my work station upstairs. Several times during the day I just went downstairs to 'warm up' a bit from being upstairs working... Marilyn had a couple hard boiled eggs as her lunch -- hardly a few bites to keep her going! I had soup and a sandwich, so it's not like I didn't have anything to eat all day. Still, by night we were hungry, so...

Rich presented at the Board Meeting for the very first time -- and did a great job! Marilyn WAS AMAZING during her two presentations (one was about the Knight Cancer Challenge -- I'll share MORE about that in the future). She's such an excellent and passionate public speaker -- it's very hard for others to compare (and no, this isn't because I'm biased -- I'm quite serious!). Communications is a big part of Marilyn's life -- and she truly is one of the best in the world at communications. She's equally good in front of a group, on radio and on TV. Other presenters included Jeff (of course -- he's our CEO), Todd (our President) and several Staff members (Rich, Carol, Christie and Danielle), plus several Board members. Our guest speaker was unable to get a plane here and had to be scratched last minute (!!!) -- so Marilyn spent much of her day reworking our agenda and program to make up for his loss. But this is what we all do, and we're damned good at it -- so it turned out just fine! By the way, ALL the presenters did a great job and the meeting went really well!

I'm tired -- and I can only imagine how exhausted Marilyn must be! Oh: Good thing Sue took me in. Because of Steve being unable to come, Marilyn wouldn't have had the time to get home and bring me in, after all!

When it comes to the Board Meetings, I always say you should be 'in the hospital -- or dead' if you're going to miss one. Hahaha. Yeah, I'm kidding. In her lifetime, Marilyn has only missed TWO -- one because of a car accident and another when she was quite sick... But it's an important part of our job and we all need to be present.

I'm leaving out other parts of this busy day. Oh, right: Mark was in today, too. I was BUSY, but he sat upstairs and talked to me for ages while I tried to continue working. (Well enough, considering all the coding I got done while we chatted!!!) I helped Marilyn give him a NEW official title -- going from Festival Videographer to Multimedia Coordinator. He loved this, by the way. (Thanks, Marilyn! Titles matter to people...)

I was joking with her that I need a new title, now that I'm no longer: Webmaster & IT Manager. You know, that's how my name badge reads, so... Hahaha.

Well, I'm off to do the garbage and recycling! Got to get it done before bed.

We have tomorrow OFF. Marilyn's going to Sue's doctor appointment with her and then to an appointment of her own. She wants ME to stay home and get ready to head to the beach. By tomorrow night we'll be sleeping in our beds at the beach house! (June and Jim are keeping an eye on things here for us while we're gone.)

Speaking of June, she phoned me around 5:00 p.m. tonight. I've been trying to get over to see her this week, and she was hoping I was home so I could drop by. What a disappointment! I'd have loved to finally get over so we could chat. I've really been missing her. But at 5:00 we were on our way over to the Board Meeting. Hopefully I'll get to see her next week (when we're back from the beach)...

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