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First off, yes -- I'm completely awake now. Thanks for asking! (grin) Actually, Shari called before 9:00, so I've been awake over an hour...

Commenting on Kimley's kimothy 'trick or treat' quiz made me long to write about Halloween, so I'm back! (smile)

First of all, our family has been make a BIG celebration/holiday out of Halloween since I was a kid. (And I'm 50, remember?) So these Johnny-come-lately-types are just slow to get with the program in my book!

It's almost strange how the nation has embraced Halloween. It used to be that our family was a little... odd (???), I guess, for the big deal we always made of Halloween.

I recall at one point that Dad admitted it was his favorite of all holidays! And Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I agreed with him. Maybe because it was more oriented toward fun -- and less oriented toward fuss. (Don't get me started on the nightmares that have been Thanksgiving and Christmas at our parents' house!)

We have 'traditional' foods, actually. Always hot dogs and almost always with coney sauce. Marilyn and I 'cheat' on that one and use canned chili that we've 'gooped up' in place of Mom's traditional coney recipe. (Which is loads of work.)

Tons of candy, of course. Our family always gave better candy than the other houses in the neighborhood. I guess when we were kids -- and before Marilyn and I were born -- they gave full-sized bars when others were giving smaller ones. (In the days before these 'snack-sized' candies.)

We've always given out two pieces per kid. But we'd do almost anything to get them to come back year after year!

Marilyn and I started keeping a tally list when we still lived at home. We even had a list from the first Halloween in our (then) 'new' home -- even though we hadn't moved in yet!

The story there is that we'd gone to the house to meet the contractor who was going to remodel the kitchen before we moved in. The house was literally standing entirely empty, with not a single window covering -- so you could clearly see it was not lived in.

But we had on lights while he examined the kitchen and discussed ideas. And we'd (fortunately) brought along candy. Good thing! We had over 50 kids (as I recall without checking the actual list for that year) while we were there. And we were only there a couple of hours at the most. (grin)

Used to be that we and friends and family would constantly be calling back and forth to 'brag' about who had had the most trick or treaters! We don't always win, by the way. But the unofficial contest was fun.

It's harder than ever, now. Lots of kids don't go door to door. And very few of our neighbors participate! (Even my friend June and her husband Jim turn off the lights and don't give out candy.)

My Dad used to have something to say about the 'humbugs' -- as he put it -- who were 'too cheap' (his words) to 'shell out' (his words) a 'few bucks' (ditto) on candy for kids! I used to love to hear him rant about it. (smile)

Oh. The rest of the menu? Well, cake donuts used to be a must. But Marilyn and I don't eat those now, so we'll probably skip them and the Halloween cookies this year. But I can remember when we'd be expecting a crowd over and we'd go to the bakery and order cake donuts -- just to be sure! (Dozens, sometimes.) It's amusing how over the years all of our 'traditional' foods suddenly became popular with everyone! Getting cake donuts became a chore, when it used to be simple...

Well, interrupted again! I started this entry at 10:00 and it's almost 10:40. I'd better see about the work I need to be doing...

And my 'Halloween' post only half done, too. (sigh.) Actually, I'm probably giving my friends a break here!

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