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Another Busy Day...

I was home today, but busy...

Took the Franklin Alum website DOWN from the domain that Garry purchased. If he doesn't want it, then I'll make sure he can't have it.

I also went in and did a REDIRECT from that website to the old one. We'd planned to do that all along, so it should actually be a good thing for them. The down side? The last webmaster added an 'Expires' meta tag to all of the pages, that expired things as of February 24. If I were having contact with Garry I'd tell him about that, but as it is...

There's no reason at all for ME to go out of my way to contact him. So while I could explain all this, I don't suppose I'll get to do that. Marilyn thinks we've heard the last we're going to hear from Garry...

Anyway, I've still been hunting for my minister credentials today -- which means I did a bunch of cleaning and organizing in my bedroom. Sister Sue took me to the Goodwill with four boxes of stuff. Plus a bunch ended up in the garbage and in the recycling, too. I'm going to keep at this!

I'm just YAWNING while I write this. I really, really want a nap!

I did MOVE the Franklin website MOCKUP to one of our own domains. (Those interested can see it HERE.) Believe me, it's nothing at all fancy -- it's a total small, basic site. And I had just started to 'pretty it up' when I QUIT working on it, so there aren't many images at this point. Oh well.

I finally spoke to Ginny this evening. She still loves this site -- and said her parents did, too. She's so sweet!

Sue, Nicole and I went to a late lunch today. I got food to bring home and Marilyn and I had it for dinner. Nice!

Sue also took me to Freddies to get water and a couple other things...

The Board Meeting is tomorrow night. Originally my appointment with Leslie was for Thursday afternoon, as Marilyn and I had both managed to space this important meeting! Stupid. So I postponed that until next Thursday at 4:30. Christine had me show her some PowerPoint things yesterday when I was in the office -- and set up her smart phone for email, too.

Oh! Phoned this morning about jury duty. My excuse letter got mailed WITHOUT the other paperwork, so I was worried it would need to be sent all over again. But I found out they got it yesterday and I'm already excused. That was good news...

I'm sure I'm leaving a bunch of stuff out, but I'm too tired to care. Must. Sleep. Now.

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