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Latest Website? Maybe NOT, After All!

Marilyn and I were 'concerned' by Garry's behavior and comments during our Sunday meeting. He literally stated that their board appeared to want to 'keep' the old website -- and that was the first thing he said!

Okay, then!

Look, yes, I like to VOLUNTEER my webmaster services. That does NOT mean that I want to be under-valued for what I do. I'm an experienced professional who has been doing coding for years -- AND managing one of the top websites in the world. Just because I offer it for FREE to you, that doesn't mean it's not worth something.

Marilyn and I are fairly convinced we don't want to go forward with this project. We don't need any negativity in our lives -- nor do we need to be treated with a lack of respect. Yes, we're lucky: We get a lot of respect from most of the people we interact with. We've been highly valued by a lot of individuals (and organizations) in the last decade or so. I know not everyone receives this sort of respect, whether they've earned it or not, so I don't for a second forget that this is a true blessing for both of us.

Still, I'd like to believe there's a good reason we're respected -- or that we've earned it, in other words. And when you're an expert at what you do, it's nice to have people take the time to LISTEN to what you're telling them.

Oh well! I think it's their loss. But I wish them well, of course. Websites are always open to a lot of critical reviews from people, because different people like different things. Ginny selected my design because she really liked it -- but Garry wasn't involved in that, apparently. So they should feel welcome to select what DOES work for them, of course.

That said, please don't expect me to keep working on a website that you don't plan to use. It just doesn't work that way! I've already put hours into this -- and, again, my time may be 'free' to you, but it still has value for me! Hell, I'd rather spend the time catching up on my sleep than doing work that's going to be tossed out...

I remain shocked that my design was just something in competition to become the new site. You know, that was NEVER mentioned to me when I started the whole thing, or I'd have told them from day one that I wasn't interested. I made a site in the past for someone that was ignored (later on they came to me wanting to 'rethink' that decision, but by then it was just too late). I really prefer not to open myself up this kind of treatment (or mistreatment) from others.

Funny thing: People were asking me if I was 'crazy' from the beginning -- wondering how I would manage to add anything to my workload. I have to blame vanity, because I was simply so flattered. And I thought I'd be doing some actual GOOD for a small non-profit that could really use the help.

Has anybody noticed that it's frequently SMALL groups that act out of arrogance, rather than larger organizations? Maybe it's tied to the level of professionalism involved. I just don't know...

Regardless, I loved making that site -- and I really did think it turned out nice! The colors were so lovely. Ah, well. You live and learn. And you never stop learning -- that's important.

More about the rest of my day later... (Maybe...)

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