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Dinner at Toro Bravo!

Marilyn and I had dinner at Toro Bravo tonight, a Spanish-inspired tapas restaurant (in NE Portland). We got this at the Auction last year, and it was dinner with a group of people who also bought it -- plus our hosts who donated the package to the festival.

The link above is to the MENU page of their website. Be sure to glance over the food offerings, which were delightful! We had items from the Tasting Menu, which included: Griddled Bacon Wrapped Date, Grilled Leeks with salbitxada (one of my personal favorites!), Blood Orange Salad with arugula & espelette, Salt Cod Fritters with aioli, Harissa Stewed Butternut Squash with sheep’s cheese & mint (both Marilyn and I LOVED it!), Braised Pork & Collards with potato dumplings and more (much, much more!). Plus dessert (we both had the almond ice cream served with espresso)! And we all had Red Wine Sangria to drink, by the way.

I'm so full I'm ready to explode! Hahaha.

To be honest, I have no experience at all with Spanish food, so this was fascinating for me. Of course, I suspect some of the food isn't exactly Spanish, but it was all quite delicious, that's for sure!

Plus there's nothing like good company to make for a lovely evening! There was only one woman there that we didn't know (and another we don't know as well) -- everybody else we know pretty well and just LOVE!

Marilyn and I spent a good part of the meal talking about when Arthur and William finally get to MARRY. They want us to be their ministers (we both got certificates to be ministers years back, when it was so 'trendy') -- and I said I'd be there any way they want! I'm ready to give William away or whatever suits them. (smile) These two men are just WONDERFUL -- and they deserve to be married someday...

They were talking about how they get 'trouble' from the IRS every single year. They jointly own a house together (both names are on it). Arthur is the primary breadwinner -- but William is first on the house. So the IRS wants to say it's NOT Arthur's house, for whatever reason. Look, it's really time for equal rights here. Not special rights, but the same rights that others have... (sigh)

Well, we got home in time for "Dallas," so I'm heading to see if we're watching it, or taping it to watch later. We actually missed a bunch of "The Walking Dead" last night (taped it), because of watching the Closing Ceremonies for the Olympics. Sometimes you just have to let something go, you know?

Long, busy day. I did go to my appointment for labs (thanks, sister Sue!), then to breakfast with Sue. And then to get a few items at the store. (I knew we wouldn't want to go tonight!)

Work in the office tomorrow.

Final note: The vet emailed us today to say it was Colin's BIRTHDAY! Not sure what they're basing that on (???), but I've been singing "Happy Birthday" to him all day long. Sweet boy!

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