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Another Busy Day -- Need a Nap!

We're watching the Closing Ceremonies for the 2014 Sochi Olympics as I type this... Love, love, LOVE that when they did their people forming the Olympic rings they had the one NOT OPEN right away! Great to make fun of yourself when there's a mistake!

Another long and exhausting day for Marilyn and me. At least I didn't have to STAND for an hour+ like she did (seriously???) -- she went to the One More Time Around Again March Band (we call it One More Time or OMT for short -- and sometimes OMTAAMB) event and it went really well. But longer than expected...

I got up at 4:00 a.m. this morning (!!!) to finish up the Franklin website, wanting to have it as close to done as possible before our meeting today with Ginny and Garry. Marilyn was there for the beginning of the meeting before heading for the OMT event -- then the meeting went on for hours after that.

Ginny is WONDERFUL!!! I love her so very much! I can't believe how awesome she is. Garry? Frankly, the guy is a pain (and I'm being kind). He started our meeting by saying that their board would prefer to keep the existing website. You know what? I'd prefer you'd tell me that BEFORE I put in hours and hours and hours of my time, buddy. I want Marilyn to find out if they DO prefer to keep it before I do one more minute of work. Hey. Go back to your old site, Garry, and more power to you. I've got a lot of ways to spend my time, after all.

And, of course, it's another sexist board with MEN in control. And here's Ginny giving her time and offering some real SKILLS -- but she's not an alumn (heaven forbid!!!) and she's a woman. So why treat her with respect?

Truly love her! She's been blogging for YEARS and is quite experienced. She used to be a librarian and is intelligent and is keeping up with the times. You go, Ginny! And she has some experience with HTML coding, so I think she could update some of the web pages if necessary.

Ginny LOVED the new website and just went on and on. She is the one who had gone and looked at all the alumn websites in the city and picked mine for Roosevelt as her favorite. So I suppose it makes sense that she's really invested in this new site. But I don't know if Ginny has any POWER, so perhaps this whole thing as just been an enormous WASTE of my time. For whatever reason I find it a bit amusing. I've had so many people tell me I was CRAZY to take on another website. And I never ask for anything except to be treated with respect and kindness (which doesn't happen as often as you might think... hahaha...).

Breaking in on myself. The giant BEAR just blew out the Olympic torch -- and it made me cry. Then the bear cried a giant tear. The Olympics are wonderful and exciting -- but the end is sad... They just showed the audience and one of the young women was crying. I guess I'm not alone.

We did finally go out to dinner tonight -- treating ourselves to a drink. We figured we'd earned after this past week and weekend!

These Closing Ceremonies are so LOVELY and moving!!! Just loving them a ton!

And this is SPECIAL EVENTS -- the world that Marilyn and I have lived in almost our entire lives. You know, it's a GREAT life! Nice job, Sochi! Nice job Russia!

So tired. But it was a good week, even so. And if they dump the website, oh well. I'm on to another site (maybe working on some of our own -- which I haven't done for years... just no time...). This was still a good experience, letting me continue to do something I love. Something I won't be doing for the festival ever again. I loved do that website and will miss it. But it's time for something new in my life.

And that's my Sunday!

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