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Busy Friday -- Especially for Marilyn!

worked on several things, but mostly on the Franklin website today. Marilyn had a really busy and long day, that included her GFP meeting this afternoon. And she took time to show Angel the Leonardo App, too.

Sister Sue and I went to lunch at the Fishwife restaurant today (a favorite of Dad's when he was alive). We brought home fish for Marilyn for dinner, plus lunch leftovers for me to eat with her. As always, the food was very good.

We picked up my prescriptions. With them was a note for me to see my nurse practitioner. I phoned about having my blood drawn BEFORE going in. You wouldn't think that would be a big deal, but of course it was. Marilyn and I both think it makes no sense at all to go in until AFTER having lab results, considering that's what we're going to discuss. How many times did I mention both my diabetes and recent anemia, do you think? Good heavens!!! At one point the assistant said something about people not wanting to 'come in twice,' and preferring to share results 'by phone' later. As if! They never do that! They MAIL the damn results, which never make any sense, even when they include a change in meds!!! Very annoying.

By the way, WHY is it considered okay for me to find out about med dosage changes when I pick up pills? Why am I not told while seeing Leslie face to face? That really BURNS me! Which she's going to hear about, believe me...

Anyway, the fasting blood test is set for Monday morning at 9:00. Sue will take me. And I see Leslie (with Marilyn) on Thursday at 4:30 p.m.

Must have bitten my tongue in my sleep AGAIN. My 'bad' spot on the right side is very painful today. Don't know how to stop that...

Reading a book about the Titanic. Enjoyable for the most part, with some glaring errors. The author is clearly British, writing about an American girl. Dear, we do NOT have 'a coffee' here, ever. Nor do we go 'to hospital' ever. Those are repeated several times, along with other things like them. It reminds me of E.L. James and (shudder) "Fifty Shades of Grey" -- another book about Americans written by a Brit who didn't bother to check her slang. 'Bloody' this and 'bloody' that are not ringing true for Americans! I'd like to say such errors don't really matter, but frankly, they do. Each time I read one, I'm immediately torn away from the story and brought to a critical place that forgets the plot while focusing on the mistakes... (sigh)

Couldn't this author have found even ONE American willing to read over her novel for these really obvious glitches? Such a pity. I'll finish it (I think!), but it's not the tale it could have been. Plus I'm annoyed no mention has been made of the fact that Titanic victims died from exposure, rather than drowning (which has been mentioned over and over again)...

Good Editors really ARE missed these days, I think! And most people will read this book and not even catch the errors. That bothers me. I always learned a lot from well-written novels. But the truth is, it's always been a problem! Think of Jack London's nonsense about wolves, for example. Or various westerns that murdered info about Indians (and cowboys, too, for that matter). Maybe it's only slightly worse now than in the past. I guess the onus is always on us to be sure of the facts surrounding any stories we read...

Work tomorrow and Sunday. I'm tired, so that's all for tonight.

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