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Bad Day. Good Day. A Day...

Today was a bad day. I started out the day throwing up. Marilyn was sure I had a 'little bug' -- but I was convinced I was going in, no matter what. And happily, I did. Heck, she wasn't feeling well, either, after all. And she went in!

And get this: Donn went in, too! He was on pain pills and not able to drive, so Denise had to bring him in. But he was there and working! And Denise was helping him all day long...

Yeah, there were bad elements to the day. But a lot of GOOD things happened, too! So it wasn't all bad by any means. (smile)

I managed to still take Sam to Starbucks. Rich couldn't go along (he was in a meeting), but we still went. (Marilyn was in a meeting, too...)

After that I had NUMEROUS interruptions while training Sam (!!!), but still managed to get it done. Then helped Donn and Denise with a bunch of IT -- which included getting Carol's computer set up. That was difficult, as her space is quite a mess. Donn and Denise had to call me over just to figure out what to move to make ROOM to put the new tower (CPU)! I had to go talk with Marilyn and Jeff (who were meeting at the time) to reason out HOW we'd move stuff to do this. It's partly ready -- and will need her ticket people to come in and figure out a way to run the cables over to the new spot for her tower. Right now these aren't attached, but they just won't reach... (sigh)

In spite of feeling lousy all day long, the day really wasn't totally bad. And I kept my sense of humor! At one point a scrunchy came out of my hair (!!!). I had brushed it, but somehow missed this, which was barely hanging on at the end of my hair! I thought the girls would all DIE at this one! Hahaha.

Trained Aiman in the afternoon (he wasn't there until 3:30!) -- and that went really well. I just loved him so much! These 'kids' (college student interns) are all so great! Anyway, that's two of them done and two more to go for this year.

And we're really getting there with computer equipment! Tanya's 'new' computer went into place today. It's actually 76, which is an old computer -- but it's actually a decent machine. It has a pretty good processor -- and it's been beefed up to 2 gigs of RAM now. So she's going to think she died and went to heaven! (grin) And she's never had her own Profile using her name, so that should be pretty exciting for her! (smile)

Mark was in working on computer equipment for his video space. He carried a tower upstairs for me so I didn't have to. It was enough today just to walk up and down those stairs! At one point I was so dizzy I thought I'd fall down them, but I managed not to somehow.

Came home and ate the noodles sister Sue bought me yesterday at Freddies. I hadn't had anything all day but some yogurt, and I was suddenly starving! Managed not to throw up again, which was good. Poor Marilyn had to settle for warmed up sauce and a bun for her dinner. Makes me feel bad, but I just couldn't cook tonight.

Watched some TV (catching up on "Jeopardy" eps that we hadn't seen), then headed to lie down. I was out like a light!

I still need to do the garbage and recycling (it's 'real' garbage week!!!). But I'm going to go lie down a bit longer before I tackle it. (sigh)

I'm sure I'm forgetting things that happened today. Oh well. I'm too out of it to care much.

Tomorrow and Saturday? I need to get the Franklin website finished!!!

Our NEW festival website launched yesterday. All I seem to be able to focus on is what's missing. I don't have any of the TRAINING aspects available anymore for new people -- like the two who started today. (sigh) Nor do I have the Admin part that we use for setting up and maintaining phones. What a pain that is... More about this soon, I'm sure...

I've had better days. But, hell, I've had worse, too! So I'm not really complaining. Things went okay, considering! And I'm sure PROUD of Donn for all he was able to do, right after his accident. He and Denise are GOLDEN in my book!!!

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