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Tuesday: Mixed Bag Day

Before anything else, I need to mention that Donn was in a car accident today -- he rolled his car (which is totaled). Thankfully he wasn't seriously injured, though it's rough for him and Denise to lose this car, needless to say. He thinks he might still be able to go to work tomorrow, so I guess we'll see...

Marilyn still feels lousy. But insists she's going to work tomorrow. Again, we'll see. I realize she has meetings she feels she can't miss -- but what can you do when you're sick??? Angel and I spoke on the phone today, and he told me I was right where I needed to be -- taking care of her. And he's right, of course. It wouldn't be the end of the world if the interns didn't get trained right away. There's always other (non-computer) work to be done, after all...

Amusing note: We got a phone call at 6:45 telling us the fridge would be delivered in half an hour (it was actually sooner than that!!!). So much for the 7:30 to 11:30 a.m. time frame we were given yesterday! YES, they were here at the house just before 7:15! No, I'm not kidding. I mean, really???

And it was crazy, of course. The cats didn't cooperate at all. Colin disappeared and had us both worried about where he was. No, it wasn't good enough to shut off the upstairs, because naturally they had to swing the fridge up into the kitchen, so that door had to be opened. (sigh)

Poor sick Marilyn had to go out and move the car (out of the garage to the front of the house), so they could enter through the garage (back) door. This let them come in the driveway and through the door, with only ONE staircase to face. Had they entered through the front door, they would have had to face the front walk (slippery), the narrow front stairs, the narrow kitchen and then the stairs to the family room.

These guys were small, but happily strong. It was STRESSFUL to observe them. I was sure they were going to mess up the paint, or drywall or SOMETHING. They were barely making it through various places, even with the door off. But they got the old one out and the new one in. The cord on the new one is too short to reach the spot where we plug it in (REALLY??????), so sister Sue had to take me to get an extension cord right off. (sigh) Anyway, the good news is it's in place, we have the cord, it's working and we've got stuff moved back in -- plus new stuff inside.

Sue also took me shopping (such a sweetheart!), so I have more groceries. And to get lunch for Marilyn and me (hamburgers from Darcy's!!!).

Interesting Note: We got one of the bigger 'white' fridges -- but it's much smaller than our old one! Just not as deep for storage. We won't be getting as much in it as before, but we'll get used to it. Yes, that means the freezer is smaller, too. I wonder WHY they do that? Is the demand for smaller appliances? Somehow I doubt that. I guess it's like everything else: They think we're so stupid we won't notice the difference! Hahaha.

Speaking of, I was making dinner and spreading a box of food out on plates to microwave it. I am VERY ANAL about this, and know exactly how many pieces I always have -- and use the same pattern each time. We have several different foods that are like this. They either bake in the oven or go in the microwave. Yet again there are far less pieces in the package! We pay more and get far less. And I guess they think we don't know. But doesn't everyone do what I do? Lay things out on the cookie sheet or plate in a certain pattern for cooking? Can't everyone tell there's less? Why don't we COMPLAIN??? (sigh)

I need to go shower and wash my hair before bed. I barely got any sleep last night (for obvious reasons), especially with the early delivery. Then it was stressful around here and I was moving a ton of stuff. Then went shopping and was carrying a bunch of heavy stuff. I had a nap in the evening, and boy did I need it!!! I'm still tired right now.

The magnets are on the front of the fridge! All is well! (grin) And the stack of games we've always stored on top are back up there, too. That's all good! (Some -- well, MANY -- of those magnets belonged to Mom. So seeing them always makes me smile...)

I still have non-perishable groceries that didn't get put away today! Damn. And a load of dishes to wash. But at least I got some laundry done yesterday (go, me). And I'll come home to the garbage and recycling to get done tomorrow.

OHHHHH! This was good! I offered the guys $20 to put my rail back up. You never saw a bill disappear faster than that! Hahaha. But they put it up REALLY GOOD! It isn't budging a bit! That's NEVER been true in the entire time we've lived in this house, so I'm very, very pleased. Best twenty dollar bill I've spent in ages!!! (grin)

Colin has been sleeping UNDER the covers with me recently (just for naps, as a rule). That's something he normally only does at the beach house. Not sure WHY he's doing it. Of course, the recent activity -- like the work on the roof and trees and the fridge stuff -- is UPSETTING to him, so it could be wrapped up in that. Anyway, I think it's sweet when he goes under the blankets to sleep...

I'm forgetting stuff, but what the hell. Two (count 'em, two!) training sessions tomorrow. I hope they go well... And I hope Donn is able to get around and is okay! I just love that man so much. Poor Denise! I guess the car that got messed up was really her car...

I'm tired. I hope tomorrow is smooth -- and that Marilyn feels MUCH BETTER in the morning (poor thing). By the way, she made post 1,000 to her Revenge account at Instagram, believe it or not! She's just done an amazing job with that fandom account!!! Wow! So impressive. And I can't get over her incredible graphics (Edits). She has developed a wonderful skill (and has always had a lot of talent).

That's it for today -- have GOT to run now. I feel like I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff, but I just need to get going.

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