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Monday Off? Not Exactly...

No, Marilyn and I didn't up taking today off work (even though it was a holiday for our office). Marilyn had things she needed to write. And I needed to double-check the Profile setup for Sam (a female intern) who starts tomorrow. We did get away from the office before 12:30, though...

The drive there was CRAZY AWFUL!!! It was pouring so hard you could barely SEE through the windshield! No, I'm not kidding! More wind and terrible rain. Happily, we haven't flooded here at home (and pray we won't as rainy days continue).

Spoke to Danielle today and told her I'd need to be home on Wednesday -- and she was fine with that. We'll train Aiman on Thursday, instead.

Donn needs to look at Sam's computer. The dual monitors weren't working when I left. (sigh) We have to be there early tomorrow, as Marilyn has an 7:30 meeting. So we'll be heading to bed soon, I suspect.

Watched some Olympics today -- saw the ice dancing and thought of both our Mom and friend Audrey (both deceased), who love to watch ice skating so much...

I'm currently reading a book I've never read before, by one of my all-time favorite authors, Taylor Caldwell. My two fave books by her are "Captains and the Kings" and "Testimony of Two Men" (I couldn't find a link for this book -- God knows WHY!). I HIGHLY recommend both of these books, which are historical novels that really explain their time periods well. I wanted to get these for Kindle, but they aren't available. One of my biggest disappointment about the Kindle is how many books you just CANNOT buy for Kindle! (sigh)

Taylor Caldwell is an excellent writer -- and there's just something about reading really good writing. Anyway, I'm enjoying "Grandmother and the Priests," which she wrote in 1963.

Marilyn and I didn't end up at all social this weekend. We didn't see sister Sue or friends June and Jim. We'd thought about having dinner to celebrate Sue and Jim's bdays, but we had a lot to get done. And frankly, we were really TIRED. So as fun as it sounded (and will be when we finally go out together), I'm not that surprised we didn't get around to it...

And I didn't get my Valentine stuff to June and Jim, either. Maybe this week (fingers crossed).

Speaking of Sue, her ex-husband Lonnie is apparently having health issues and is in the hospital. It's hard on her kids (Candy and Larry), dealing first with Sue's health problems, and now with Lonnie's. But as Marilyn pointed out, it's a part of dealing with aging parents. Hopefully all with go well with him. And happily, Sue does seem better since being in the hospital recently! Thanks again for your recent good thoughts and prayers.

My head is running over the training for tomorrow. You'd think doing it would be like falling off a log, but I really do need to prepare and concentrate a lot to do this training well. We don't have time for a lot of training for new people, I'm afraid, so I feel it's very important we do a good job with what training we offer. I take my role very seriously, in other words.

Rich was also at the office this morning, so he and I got to go to Starbucks. Tomorrow we'll take Sam for Starbucks -- part of our routine for new people. Rich seems much better now, by the way.

Well, that's it for today. Off to see Jimmy Fallon!

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