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I'm Tired. No. I'm Exhausted, Actually... (The Old Fridge...)

Had planned to sleep in this morning, but just couldn't do it. Then I had a call from Hector, who was coming to try and finish up his work for us today, and wanted to get cash. Problem is, Marilyn writes those checks and was already at work. As she clearly stated, she needs a one day notice. But she agreed it was a great day for him to do the work, considering it was clear and dry today...

So sister Sue kindly took me to Freddies to withdraw cash for him ($100). And I got out another chunk to grocery shop, getting the things we really needed in case we didn't feel like shopping tonight (especially with her getting home late). Oh. Surprise! We most certainly did NOT feel like it.

Sue and I went to the Dollar Tree so she could buy things for Nicole as a surprise (to decorate for Valentine's Day tomorrow -- Nicole's fave holiday). I got out another whack of $$$ for that (as Sue was broke) and so I could buy goodies for folks at the office, too.

And I sent some candy and cookies home with Sue for her family to celebrate, too...

Then I spent the rest of the day on cleaning out the old fridge. What a HORRIBLE and exhausting job. I didn't think it would be that bad, but stuff in jars and bottles had spoiled and really had awful odors! Terrible. I thought I'd never finish up without being sick (not kidding). And there was stuff around the fridge and piled on top of it, too -- using up all the available storage space in the utility room.

I didn't finish it all until after Marilyn was finally home and we'd had dinner (I made bacon and tomato sandwiches, from groceries I bought today). I wasn't totally done with everything until nearly 11:00 p.m. (No, I'm not kidding.) I ache all over and am so tired I can hardly sit up. But I need to now go wash my hair and get to bed -- we have to be at work really early tomorrow! (And I have a big day in front of me, working on IT with Donn...)

Special Note: Sue took me to pick up a burger to go from Darcy's on Lombard (the main drag in our part of Portland). One of the best burgers I've ever tasted!!! Marilyn didn't have a single bite to eat all day long until our late dinner! She was out of her protein bars and didn't even take a yogurt with her to work today. Not good! Anyway, we'll be back to Darcy's -- that's for sure! Yummy! (Can't believe we've never been there! They've been there forever...)

Got the garbage out to the can (this isn't 'real' garbage week, however). And the recycling and composting done. There was a TON of both, after doing the fridge. Some nasty stuff! That compost bin always reeks, and is worse now...

Did the cat boxes just a bit ago...

Anyway, it was a relief to finish up my work for the day! I can't wait to stand under the hot water for my poor back and hips! Plus my hair is filthy!

Sure wish I'd gotten laundry done today! Oh well -- not enough time in the day!!!

I almost fell asleep sitting up downstairs. But forced myself up here to blog. Now for that shower and bed!!! Can't wait!

I don't think we'll get our chapter read tonight... (sigh)

Almost forgot to mention! The reason Hector wanted $$$ was because he NEVER GOT THE 1/3 DOWN CHECK!!! It was there for him since last week! So now he has the cash, the original check and a check for the balance. Not our fault he forgot to get the check!!! Silly...

And Hector and his son Jessie want the fridge to sell (for metal) -- so they're going to haul the old one away for us. (woo hoo) That's great news...

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