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Day at the Office -- Warmer Weather

Marilyn and I were actually home by 6:30 tonight (!!!) if you can believe that! She had SEVEN (!!!) meetings today -- I can only imagine how hard that must be.

I tried to set a meeting with Rich to get him started on the images project (using the huge external hard drives) -- which was supposed to be started last month, but it just wasn't happening. Not sure if he's just worn out from being sick or what. He told me he was feeling better today -- and he even looked better. But when you're sick -- or you've been sick -- it does weigh you down.

Funny note: I got several compliments on my fringed mini-boots made out of suede today! No, these are hardly new. I bought them at Thanksgiving in 2012, so they've been around. But I'll take it, thank you.

During part of the day I was CLEANING UP, CLEANING OUT AND ORGANIZING in the IT Room, in the IT Cabinet and the area that surrounds it. I boxed up two large boxes of stuff to recycle or whatever, that includes a number of old P2 keyboards (as opposed to USB keyboards) and old P2 optical mice. I just dumped a bunch of old software, too. We had kept the old finance software -- but NOT the old finance data that went with it! So what was the point of keeping the software???

I was even going through some of the folders on the I: drive on the Server -- where we store our Programs for installing. There was a TON of really old stuff there, too -- things we haven't used for years and years. Considering we pay to do (expensive) cyber backups of the Server now, we need to avoid keeping things that just don't make sense to be backing up...

I was also working on typing up the NEW version of my OLD IT Manual. I used to be so religious about keeping it up to date. But it's tedious stuff and I've covered it with hand-written notes and just never found the time to work on it before today. In the long run, it could really help us to be more productive, so I'm anxious to get it all in better order...

Funny note: The toilet seat is BROKEN in my favorite stall in the women's bathroom! This stall is larger (with a higher toilet), so it's probably used twice as much as the other stalls. So little wonder the seat broke (though it's hard to imagine it actually breaking off a chunk!!!). This was part of an amusing conversation, where Marilyn basically ordered Christine to BUY a new seat so Steven could install it. The City (our landlord) is notorious for NOT doing maintenance, so if we waited on them it could be months and months before this was fixed. And you know, is really uncomfortable sitting on that broken seat! Hahaha.

Didn't talk to sister Sue all day! Not even after "Jeopardy." I hope she's taking it easy... (sigh)

We're going back and forth about heading to the beach house this coming three-day weekend. There are reports of mud slides on roads and we're expecting two large storms -- one Thursday into Friday -- that would make these worse. Don't much like the picture of our car all packed up with stuff and the two cats, getting stuck somewhere between here and the beach house! Maybe we'll just stay home. We still need to go buy a new fridge, anyway...

Funny note: We're far from the only ones dealing with ANTS right now! Marilyn told me that Caitlin also has them in her bathroom. And when she mentioned having several, Caitlin mentioned having a hundred (!!!) or more! Rich has them, too. So clearly they're just all over the place here. I've always said if you lifted the sidewalks and driveways in Portland (and the surrounding area), you'd find ants everywhere. And I really think that's true! Hard to believe those tiny little ants can be such a pain, but they certainly are!

I got Caitlin's NEW computer (PRFA92) DONE today (!!!) -- go me! So it's in place and she's using it. On a not-so-happy note, I wasn't able to make the dual monitors work (sigh). But Donn is in on Friday, so he can fix them then -- and she was fine about waiting. That means all four of the 'assistants' (which includes Marilyn's assistant and the three seasonal assistants) have GOOD computers now -- and these are fast machines. So none of them should have any complaints about their machines...

Good to remember that back in the Centennial year (2007) -- when everyone was putting in unbelievable hours and doing TONS of work -- that Marilyn's assistant at that time had an old machine that took twenty minutes to boot up (!!!). And yet somehow she 'muddled along' and did her job, even so. Yeah, people are pretty spoiled in many ways now, there's no doubt about it. At the time I was NOT running IT and there was not the attitude that everyone should have decent machines to help them to be more productive.

Marilyn and I had a discussion about dual monitors. I have to admit, I wasn't supportive of these in the beginning -- I felt they were frivolous. But I now believe they really make everyone more productive. I don't know what I personally did before I had them (and I now have them at home and at the beach house, as well as at work).

That brought us to a discussion of the desire to be able to have TWO Apps open on the iPad at the same time. Wow, would that be handy! Going in and out of Apps is such a constant pain. This is where Windows really makes sense, obviously -- the whole idea of easily moving between applications...

We were supposed to go shopping tonight. I nixed the idea, because I'm too damn tired to face it! We'll manage to live somehow until tomorrow night. And I'll try and do a decent grocery list tomorrow (which did NOT happen today)...

Colin was acting really funny tonight when we got home. Kind of jumpy and racing around. Then he got up on the TV table and was staring at the big screen TV and freaking out! Not sure what had him upset.

Of course, I had a message from Hector that he was going to work on the roof today. Maybe that happened, and it spooked the cat. Hard to know. I went outside to try and see, but it was way too dark. I'll have to check tomorrow.

Funny note: We've been having FOG clinging to the river by the office! It's downright SPOOKY, like something out of a horror flick. I don't know what's causing it, but we've all noticed and discussed it.

OH!!! Before I forget to mention it, Marilyn finally got her movie to upload properly at YouTube -- with the audio and video actually matching up. (I need to share a link...) We're closing to launching the 'Search for Thelma' that's happening this year -- it's going to be very cool!

Christine had someone write in about a trophy -- a loving cup -- from 1914. It was related to a boat parade from that time. In helping the person to research this, she managed to talk them into DONATING this item to the festival! Saw a photo, but can't wait to see the real thing. Very cool! It's lovely that since the years right before the Centennial, people have been interested in helping to restore items from our history. I still dream of the day we might have a museum. Who knows? That dream might come true...

Off to bed (again) now. Goodnight all!

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